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Twitter Says Hackers Accessed Direct Messages From 36 Users, Including One Dutch Elected Official

Twitter said Wednesday that hackers responsible for a high-profile beach last week had access to the direct messages of 36 users, including one elected official in the Netherlands, offering a concerning look into how much information was accessed in the hack. KEY FACTS - Twitter said 36 out of the total 130 accounts that were targeted had their direct message inbox accessed by the hackers. - The company…


Zuckerberg Says He Has ‘No Deal Of Any Kind’ With Trump

As mounting criticism and a growing advertiser boycott forces Facebook to confront its relationship with the Trump administration, CEO Mark Zuckberg is becoming increasingly outspoken about denouncing President Donald Trump, telling Axios in an interview Monday that he and the president have “no deal of any kind” and criticizing administration policies in a company-wide Q&A.…

Instagram Bans All Content Promoting LGBT Conversion Therapy

Instagram Bans All Content Promoting LGBT Conversion Therapy

Instagram banned ads for LGBT conversion therapy earlier this year and, starting Friday, they are taking it one step further by banning all content about conversion therapy — the decision comes as concerns about parent company Facebook’s handling of hate speech, misinformation and civil rights continue to gain momentum.  KEY FACTS - In June, civil rights groups including the…

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