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Half Of Facebook’s Employees May Permanently Work From Home By 2030, Zuckerberg Says

CEO Mark Zuckerberg anticipates that half of Facebook’s workforce will permanently work from home by 2030 as the company gradually shifts to allow for permanent remote work, Zuckerberg announced Thursday, signaling how the coronavirus pandemic is beginning to fundamentally change how we work. KEY FACTS - Most new hires will be eligible for permanent remote work beginning Thursday. - Later this…


Facebook Will Reportedly Allow Employees To Work From Home Until The End Of 2020

Facebook employees will have the option to continue working from home through the end of 2020, CNBC reported, in the lengthiest remote work announcement to date from a major tech company. KEY FACTS - Facebook will officially open offices on July 6 for employees who need to be in the office, CNBC reported, but workers who can telework may continue to do so through the end of the year. - Facebook…

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