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Monaco photographer gets candid about taking the perfect shot.

Article first published in Forbes Monaco March/April 2021 issue. There is no shortage of photos of Monaco, especially with a plenteous parade of infl uencers capturing their pouts in front of glistening yachts or the iconic Casino with their iPhones. “These days, most smartphones off er excellent camera modules, complete and versatile, allowing you to take beautiful photos even in…

Monaco, Monte-Carlo

Ahead In The Cloud

Article first published in Forbes Monaco March/April 2021 issue. As the fi rst country in the world to roll out 5G in July 2019, Monaco now leads Europe in another digital transition premiere. At the announcement of the sovereign cloud on September 9, 2020, Prince Albert stated, “The cloud is a foundation stone. This technology is critical for attracting investors.” As Chief…

CEO Forbes Monaco Luiz Costa Macambira

No Dialing Back

Article first published in Forbes Monaco March/April 2021 issue. With all the hype about Monaco’s new fi ber optic launch, I’ve been reminiscent of my offi ce back in Miami some 20 years ago. I had just installed the then leading technology in data connectivity—the T1 line developed by AT&T—and what a diff erence it made. At the time, the integrated line carrying…

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Monaco Grand Prix 2019

Monaco Grand Prix: It’s In Our Genes

Motor racing is a lifelong passion of mine. Coming from a country that has produced many racecar drivers, some iconic, I guess this passion developed naturally. I can recall as early as my teens, back in 1974, how exciting it was…

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Forbes Monaco first issue cover Hinduja

Progress Checker: Then Vs. Now

The idea for a Monaco edition of Forbes came into play around the time the iconic title celebrated its centennial in September 2017. In his editorial “The First 100 Years,” Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief…

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One Monte Carlo SBM Monaco

Being Unique

There are few surprises on this year’s most valuable brands list (see p. 13) as five of the top companies have long been the kings of capitalism. They have perfected the art of strategizing to attract and hold on to customers. Over…

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Port Monaco

Size Matters in Monaco

We have entered a new era of luxury. The gigayacht. A recent ranking by Bloomberg of countries with the most superyachts within two miles of their coastlines between April 15 and April 18 2019 revealed that the U.S. topped the list with…

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Monaco Port

What Monaco Wants

Unfathomable that we’ve produced 6 issues since our launch at the Yacht Club in November 2018 when we unveiled our first Forbes Monaco cover, which honored Shanu S.P. Hinduja, whose family ranks as the 65th richest in the…

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Publishers Luiz F. Costa Macambira and  Pierre-Antoine Racine

A Blueprint to Living the “Forbes Life”

EACH OF US has a wildly different idea of what makes Monaco unequivocally magical, but, whatever your expectations, it’s pretty near impossible not to fall in love with this tiny Principality. Whether it’s watching one of the…

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Fit For A Prince

Fit For A Prince

Sleepwalking Through Covid-19: Time To Wake Up Civil Liberty

Sleepwalking Through Covid-19: Time To Wake Up Civil Liberty


When Billionaires Social Distance

Chinese President Prince Albert Monaco

A Milestone For Monaco

Opera Gallery Monaco