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From ‘Tyrant’ To ‘Friend’ — World Leaders Welcome Biden After ‘Four Long Years’ Of Trump
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From ‘Tyrant’ To ‘Friend’ — World Leaders Welcome Biden After ‘Four Long Years’ Of Trump

Many world leaders are heralding the arrival of seasoned diplomat President-elect Joe Biden to the White House as an opportunity to begin anew and repair relationships—after a trying four years of President Trump’s unconventional leadership style and aggressive “America First” policy that left many countries isolated. KEY FACTS - After years of strained relations with Trump’s…

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Trump Becomes First President Impeached Twice After Fomenting Capitol Riot

Donald J. Trump on Wednesday became the only U.S. president to be impeached twice as House Democrats, joined by ten Republicans, charged Trump with inciting the violent insurrection on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol that eventually led to five deaths. KEY FACTS - With the ten Republicans joining with the Democrats, it became the most bipartisan impeachment in U.S. history, with the final vote 232-197.…

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Life Outside The Playground

Article first published in Forbes Monaco September/October 2020 issue. It has been 15 years since Prince Albert succeeded to the throne. In an exclusive interviev with Forbes Monaco, Monaco's CEO discusses the state of business and "The direction I want my country to go."   Just before his death in 2004, German photographer Helmut Newton, a former Monaco resident,…

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