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Paolo Sari the world's first 100% organic Michelin chef

The Real Meal

Forget starry eyed. The world’s first 100% organic Michelin chef sets his sights on honest gastronomy.  A few dinner forks were dropped in Monaco mid-July when Paolo Sari, the first chef to be awarded a Michelin star for a 100% organic restaurant, threw in the apron at Elsa, SBM’s seasonal restaurant at Monte Carlo Beach that he had headed since 2012. On the timing…

Restaurant Le Grill Hotel de Paris Monaco

A Grill With A View

For 60 years the restaurant in the heavens of the Hotel 29 de Paris has maintained legendary status. For 60 years, Le Grill has been powerfully perched on the eighth floor of the Hotel de Paris, with views as far as Corsica. There are two tales as to just how this iconic Mediterranean restaurant came to be. The first is that Princess Grace wanted somewhere with sweeping sea views…

Monaco distillery

High Spirits

He squeezed oranges into the Monaco Spritz. Now, Philip Culazzo flavors a café Monegasque with the national tree. It’s been three years since Philip Culazzo opened l’Orangerie, Monaco’s only distillery, making use of the Principality’s 600 bitter orange trees to extract an organic, 100% Made- in-Monaco liqueur of the same name. Today, some 10,000 bottles…

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Fake Whisky Might Be A Much Bigger Problem Than You Think

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There’s always a new fake food scandal breaking somewhere. Today it is Scotch whisky. Food fraud is nothing new. As the author of the New York Times bestseller Real Food, Fake Food, Why You Don’t What You’re Eating & What…

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restaurant ÔMER

Learning to share at Ômer

There are typically three types of power lunch. One, to close the deal. Two: to keep the door open and three, no agenda whatsoever other than to catch up over beverages and banter. The new Ducasse restaurant, ÔMER, accommodates all three…

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Get Down to business at Monaco's only 100% organic Michelin-star restaurant

Get Down to business at Monaco's only 100% organic Michelin-star restaurant

Eat Your Organic Greens! The village vibe of Monaco typically means that you can’t go from the Yacht Club to the Hermitage without bumping into someone you know. And as much as being seen is part of the game, there are…

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Double Power Lunch

Horizon Deck

Power Lunch

Summer Seaside Getaway At Vigie

Summer Seaside Getaway At Vigie

Mada One

Power Lunch Mada One

Opera Gallery Monaco