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Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff

The man who "makes every second count" , head of the mercedes amg petronas f 1 team toto wolff sits down with forbes monaco. read the exclusive interview in our november/december issue.


There Is No Point A. Just B.

The new continental gt is a drive worth waiting for as british luxury car manufacturer bentley celebrates its centenary year on july 21, 2019, the company’s drive for innovation can be traced throughout its history. the legendary 1929 blower bentley, with a supercharged engine and sensational speed, especially with bentley boy, sir henry “tim” birkin behind the wheel, won legions…

Salim Zeghbar

New CEO. The Car Whisperer

Salim zeghdar brings the supercar back to top marques. the rolex monte-carlo masters came and went in april with two monumental distinctions. eleven-time tournament winner raphael nadal was eliminated in the semi-finals, and there was no excessive traffic (no more so than the 110,000 cars on the roads daily) or revving engines from joy riders in town for top marques at the grimaldi forum. things have…