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EasyJet Hacked: 9 Million Customers And 2,000 Credit Cards Hit

Budget airline EasyJet has announced it suffered a “highly sophisticated” hack that led to the leak of personal information on 9 million customers and details of 2,000 credit cards. Email addresses and travel details of customers were exposed and affected customers will be warned in the coming days, EasyJet said. If not contacted, you’re not affected. “Our forensic…


World’s Largest Transportation Companies 2020: Coronavirus Devastates Major Airlines

There’s no sugarcoating how disastrous the COVID-19 has been for America’s largest airlines. With air travel virtually at a standstill as people all over the world work from home and cancel vacations to slow the spread of the virus, Delta, Southwest, United and American Airlines all slid more than 60 spots down the rankings in Forbes’ annual Global 2000 list of the…


Boeing CEO Warns A Major Airline Will ‘Most Likely’ Go Out Of Business This Year Because Of Coronavirus

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun has said he expects a major airline to go out of business this year as the coronavirus pandemic decimates demand for passenger flights. KEY FACTS - In an exclusive interview to be aired on NBC on Tuesday, Calhoun said that he doesn’t expect air travel to return to normal this year. - Asked by NBC’s Savannah Guthrie whether an airline might have to fold this year,…

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Powering The Yachts Of Tomorrow

Powering The Yachts Of Tomorrow

Monaco boat challenge buoys clean energy. AS PART OF A VISION TO TRANSITION MONACO to carbon neutrality by 2050, Prince Albert has been accelerating sustainability efforts by embracing dematerialization and clean technologies, as well as environmental…

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MYS 2019

Got an extra €27 million?

It could be well spent at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. Between April 15 to 18, Bloomberg ranked countries with the most superyachts within two miles of their coastlines. The U.S. topped the list with 158 (down from 162 from April 9-13,…

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Experiential Yachting: A New Concept Or An Evolution of Yachting?

Experiential Yachting: A New Concept Or An Evolution of Yachting?

Lifestyle investments are now worth the same as a collection of diversified assets.  The value of memories, new discoveries and authentic experiences—environmental, cultural, philanthropic and educational—are the new precious…

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