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A Classic Beauty

By all counts Lia Riva had a formidable childhood. Born 70 kilometers northeast of Milan in Sarnico, she spent her carefree youth on the shores of Lago d’Iseo, where the water gave her a feeling of serenity that would last a lifetime.…

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All Roads Lead to Todt

All Roads Lead to Todt

From Karting to F1, this manager drives careers. Manager Nicolas Todt does not fall far from the F1 tree. His father, Jean, a driver turned-Director of Racing at Peugeot then Ferrari, has twice been re-elected to his current position of President…

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Charles In Charge

Not even halfway through his first Formula One season, Charles Leclerc is admittedly determined to shake up the Ferrari hierarchy. With home court advantage next race, will Monaco’s whiz kid do as he’s told or prove he’s got…

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