Zara Harutyunyan on why educating yourself is the key to long-term success

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Zara Harutyunyan

Entering any profession means having to compete with several others in that chosen field. One key factor that can decide success or failure is how skilled you are with your work. This requires building your expertise through education and continued learning. Zara Harutyunyan, the Founder of CRMC Aesthetics, one of the top 50 medical aesthetics practices in the USA, firmly advocates education and constantly upgrading your skillset.

 Zara was an immigrant who gave it her all and gained unparalleled recognition as a renowned doctor and became a household name in a tough industry like medical aesthetics. She highlights the role of education in her success. 

Getting the right education 

Zara Harutyunyan became a gynecologist in Armenia before coming to America. She was always an avid learner, and her curious mind made her a knowledge seeker. When she came to America, she took up further studies to get her license as a registered nurse (RN) and nurse practitioner (NP). Then she took another step and got an AGNP license before starting a full-fledged practice. 

During her initial days in America, Zara had to struggle with a language barrier which, at the time, made it difficult for her to be heard. She says, "During such times, it was only my education and the expertise I had built that proved my capabilities." She further mentions that in any profession or while starting a new career path, being educated in the said field is the best way to be confident about yourself. "Education makes a big difference in your work. If your trust yourself, others will also trust you," she believes.

Self-learning brings out the best in you 

It is by learning that you grow. In any profession, it is necessary to keep educating yourself on the latest developments. Zara Harutyunyan believes in providing the best care and service to her customers for which, she leaves no stone unturned. Zara invests in the best equipment, has highly trained and experienced staff, and encourages them all to keep themselves updated with the latest practices in their industry.

Despite her busy schedule, she makes time to read, research, and understand new trends in her industry. Under Zara's keen leadership, her brand CRMC has become one of the most sought-after clinics across the US. 

Education as an investment 

Zara sees education as a significant part of her future. She says, "An educated and well-informed individual can make better use of experience, derive insights from advancements in the industry, and understand how and where to improve." She stresses that education is also a form of investment in your future as it never goes away and helps you make better decisions and evolve.

Zara says that learning helps her stay ahead of the curve and provide the best treatments to her customers, which is true for any profession. According to her learning and constant improvement is the true key to success.           

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