Why Your Next Hire Should Be An Energy Healer

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M.R. Sheradsky   Contributor

Why Your Next Hire Should Be An Energy Healer

Professionals agree that a happy workplace is more productive, open to change, and efficient. However, achieving the right balance of personal satisfaction and business success in a brave new world that combines office and remote work requires expert help from unconventional places. And while this may be surprising to some, more and more corporates are turning to spiritual disciplines once considered fringe 'woo-woo' to create more harmonious work environments.

Energy healer and motivational speaker Amy Bingham knows what it takes to create thriving workplaces where the employees feel valued and empowered to achieve their full potential. The former software engineer suffered terrible personal trauma when she lost her son to suicide. Amy Bingham’s journey led her through many different treatment programs, eventually leading to a newfound understanding of how we react to pain and suffering, what motivates us to get better, and how we can positively use life's setbacks.

As corporate groups and companies understand that wellness and mental health play an important role in performance, they turn to people like Amy to help create workspaces where employees can be happy and productive. “My work with corporate groups involves clearing blockages that result in procrastination and second-guessing," Amy says. The results create a happier, more productive, and more harmonious workplace.

What causes disharmony in the workplace?

There’s little doubt that workplace disharmony can have a devastating effect on business.
It curtails creativity, reduces engagement, and translates to a less effective and efficient enterprise. “Workplace discomfort is common due to changes in work arrangements, procedures, and job descriptions,” Amy says.

According to Amy, workplace disharmony is often caused by detachment from emotions and lack of communication. This usually happens due to a lack of clarity and constructive dialogue between people in leadership positions and the employees. A lack of shared vision and misunderstanding of the company goals can lead to mistrust. In terms of management, insufficient leadership or micromanagement can also lead to workplace problems. 

What is energy healing?

In the corporate sphere, energy healing relates to optimizing business performance by optimizing people. And this doesn’t just take into account productivity but also each individual’s personal satisfaction as the key to entrepreneurial success. “It’s about ensuring that your employees are in complete alignment with the vision and purpose of the business,” Amy says. “Energy healing addresses imbalances that may be creating personal or relationship issues and reducing business performance.

How can energy healing be used to create a more harmonious work environment?

Stressed employees are definitely not happy employees. And it’s all too easy for the personal problems of your workforce to permeate the workplace, creating imbalance and disharmony. This is where a consultation with an energy healer can help. “Energy healing sessions are designed to work through internal blockages. This addresses the misconceptions about life that many of us have,” Amy says. “We are all living energy fields that create vibrations. If appropriately channeled, these vibrations can be used to create positive energy fields that lead to happiness, creativity, and productivity.”

Energy healing has proven to be so effective that entrepreneurs of all walks of life are hopping on the bandwagon. Ale Monteiro, for one, a Serial Entrepreneur & Macro Influencer states, “My business life improved dramatically when I noticed there’s a huge difference between just having a team and having a healthy atmosphere. Learning  from Amy Bingham about how to channel a positive energy within that team and workflow has been a game changer. Our team’s success is what it is today, because we built a system that factors that into the equation.” 

Not only has energy healing proven successful within single offices, but franchises and international companies have found implementing principles to be effective when scaled correctly. Entrepreneur, Neha Anand, felt she needed to establish the right environment for her family business with multiple locations. When you’re with people you love working side by side, you need an environment where everyone feels safe, happy, and uplifted to maintain healthy relationships. Her company, Kings Group Ventures houses 3,000 people around the globe with their Food & Beverages departments spread throughout 15 locations. When Amy’s principles for a successful work environment were spread throughout her company she began to see that same family community being felt beyond just headquarters.

How to find the right tools to achieve workplace harmony?

There are various tricks and tools that energy healers use to help people realign their purpose and deal with workplace stress or burnout. For Amy, it all starts with learning to let go of pain — something that many of us hold onto in one way or another. “It’s about realizing what you are holding onto that is blocking you from achieving your full potential and releasing the limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you,” Amy says. “It’s the process of realization that’s the beginning of the journey.”

Amy says that another way to increase personal motivation is by finding purpose in everyday situations, no matter how ordinary they may seem. To find clarity, she recommends writing down what it is that may be holding you back from achieving clarity. “Noting things down is a great way of identifying any repeating thought patterns that may not be serving you, such as fear or negativity.”

The founder of LightArt Group, a Multi-Millionaire born in Israel, found adopting this practice of infusing meaning to be highly effective. His company combines both art and real estate, formulating beautiful artwork to enhance properties all across the globe. Tom says, “When our workplace is in sync spiritually, things materially seem to work out. Since incorporating this practice of bringing meaning to every project we work on, the team is much more enthusiastic about each project.” Light Art has sold to clients such as the largest housing inspection company in the world, and Tom says, having a healthy work environment has been a key component to its success. Amy’s advice to actively push a shared vision in the workplace is amongst the seeds of wisdom that Tom has been able to implement for a healthier work environment. All in all, he amongst other founders are amongst the new wave of entrepreneurs who are seeing a huge upside in energy healing for the workplace.

Conclusively, Amy recommends rewriting your story and changing the narrative. More specifically, she believes that to achieve balance, it’s crucial to stop any negative narratives that we have been telling ourselves. “Whether it’s stories of guilt or unworthiness, it’s up to you to change them. Shift the narrative where you see opportunities instead of seeing the negatives,” Amy says. “All stories are relative — it’s up to both individuals on a personal level and collectives on a corporate level to enter a mindset of awareness and growth.”


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M.R. Sheradsky   Contributor