When Yachting Meets Innovation

When Yachting Meets Innovation

THEY SAY IT’S NOT man who takes to the sea but the sea that takes to man. Either way, many sailing aficionados will be present for the quintessence of the superyacht industry. Set in the iconic Port Hercule in the principality of Monaco, he Monaco Yacht Show represents the pinnacle of luxury.

What better occasion to sit down and discuss with two world sailing champions?

A natural born sailor, Sebastien Schneiter is a world champion in high performance GC32 and Dominique Wavre, a record eight-time Vendee Globe round-the-world racer. Both Swiss made. Both goal-driven and passionate about boats and sailing.

“Passion drives my every move and the spirit of competition has always been the motivating factor for sailing,” says Dominique Wavre. A born sailor, Sébastien Schneiter has a true calling for sailing and the sea: “My passion for boats and the sea came from my dad, a sailor as well. I have many memories of waking up in the middle of the night to follow his races on trackers or watch him cross the finish line. I’m also very lucky to have grown up right next to Lake Geneva, which allows me to go sailing as soon as I see wind.”

But the learning process in sailing never stops, as there are so many variables to take into consideration. With incredibly successful careers, hard work comes from dedication.

“The greatest moment is finishing several round-theworld races, and one of the worst was when the head of the keel broke in The Roaring Forties,” shares Dominique Wavre.

“There’s so much going on in the technical side, trying to design the fastest boat possible or understand how to make an existing boat go faster, but if you sail fast on the wrong side of the course, it’s all for nothing,” admits Sebastien Schneiter.

Nothing tastes as good as victory, though. It comes by setting clear and challenging goals but it also takes a great deal of ambition to reach those goals. This is exactly what both sailing stars have done, which has allowed them to own boats, enjoy life ashore and invest.

“Sailing is a costly passion! But besides that, I’m concerned about the ocean’s pollution and I would like to get involved and help clean industrial activities,” says Dominique Wavre.

“As surprising as it may sound, I like to use some of my savings to invest in the stock market,” confesses Sebastien Schneiter.

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