WASTE. Don’t throw away the opportunity.

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Where can you find opportunties in today’s uncertain world? The answer may lie in a trash can.

We throw away about 30% of the world’s food, costing the global economy $1 trillion each year. And if we don’t act today, there could be more plastic than fish in our seas by 2050.

Where does our waste come from? What are its economic, ecological, and social impacts? And how can investors tackle waste—in their businesses, lives, and portfolios?

“The Future of Waste: Finding opportunities in waste reduction” is an eye-opening report from the UBS Chief Investment Office and its team of over 200 experts publishing world-leading investment research. It takes a deeper dive into the sources of municipal solid waste—think of the discarded materials and products that go to landfill— including food, paper and cardboard. It also explores the negative impacts of energy waste and its sources: industry, buildings, and transport.

The far-reaching paper highlights concrete ways that businesses have tackled waste. These include cutting fuel costs by billions of dollars, slashing landfill waste by up to 90%, or reducing food spoilage to less than 1%.

Above all, it presents numerous ways to put your money to work in reducing waste for profits, people, and the planet. The report showcases those companies that win a competitive edge over peers by managing pollution and waste more proactively. 

It explores how dedicated waste management firms transform waste into profits in both mainstream and innovative ways.

And the paper examines companies that produce a lot of waste but have potential for shareholder or bondholder engagement—where an investment manager uses their voice and your money to drive company change to work more efficiently with waste.

The report helps investors tackle the types of waste they most care about with the instruments best matching their financial goals. This more personalized touch sets UBS apart as the world’s leading wealth manager.

UBS Monaco we extend this customization to help you achieve your personal, business, and family goals.

“The Future of Waste report shows our global capabilities to turn major global challenges into attractive investment opportunities for our clients,” says Agnès Falco, Country Head of UBS Monaco. “Clients increasingly want to address issues like waste, which have not just a profit angle, but also social and environmental consequences.”

“The Future of Waste” report features in-depth interviews with social entrepreneurs, academics, and leading private market investors. They explore how individuals, business owners, and institutions can practically and profitably reduce waste and pollution. “As the world’s only true global wealth manager, UBS can provide its clients with unparalleled access to investment and business expertise from all corners of the world. We believe better knowledge aids clients in building more robust financial plans and capturing long-term returns,” Falco explains.

Together we can reduce waste, potentially turning trash into cash.