VECKTA Empowers Companies To Make Strategic Business Decisions With Their Energy Transition Market Platform


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VECKTA Empowers Companies To Make Strategic Business Decisions With Their Energy Transition Market Platform

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently released a proposed rule change that would require companies to “include certain climate-related disclosures in their registration statements and periodic reports, including information about climate-related risks that are reasonably likely to have a material impact on their business, results of operations, or financial condition, and certain climate-related financial statement metrics in a note to their audited financial statements.”

The rules would also require companies to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, “which have become a commonly used metric to assess a registrant’s exposure to such risks.”

Given the recent SEC announcements and rapidly rising energy costs across the country, company leadership and key stakeholders are being forced to confront their reliance on the traditional energy grid – and to consider viable alternatives. For businesses that have never before had to think about alternative energy solutions, how can they make strategic decisions based on limited information?


Recently named the “Most Promising Energy Tech Solutions Provider” by CIO Review, VECKTA is the energy transition marketplace platform that seamlessly empowers businesses to deploy onsite energy systems. They simplify the microgrid process as the world’s only platform that empowers customers to baseline where they are at today and evaluate their technical, physical, financial, and contractual opportunities before leveraging the marketplace to deploy the best energy system to fit their unique needs.

As a result, companies no longer have to enter the energy transition marketplace at a disadvantage. Instead of working from limited knowledge – and directly with sellers who are incentivized to recommend solutions that they sell – business leaders will gain valuable information before entering an agreement, ensuring their onsite energy system minimizes their carbon footprint, lowers costs, and increases their energy independence.

At VECKTA, they believe the key to the energy transition lies in a technology enabled marketplace, which eliminates information asymmetry and empowers buyers to make better strategic decisions about their energy systems. The VECKTA platform guides energy users through the data-gathering process, using that information to provide a comprehensive picture of the buyers’ needs to potential suppliers.

As a two-way marketplace, VECKTA also greatly supports energy suppliers, who can showcase their profile and available options, making it easier for buyers to run useful comparisons (instead of simply comparing suppliers against grid power). With buyer needs clearly defined, suppliers can quickly screen opportunities and pursue projects that they know they can deliver.

“Veckta’s platform provides GE access to a wide variety of customers with clearly defined project goals. This enables GE to provide an optimal solution that aligns with the customer’s requirements and enables them to achieve their desired outcome,” adds Nathan Dunn, Global Product Manager, Grid Modernization Solutions at GE.

It is a win-win for buyers and sellers – and a massive opportunity for companies who are considering alternatives to grid power but don’t know where to start. Not only are businesses coming to the platform in rapidly increasing numbers, but leading global energy groups see VECKTA as a sound investment. They closed a recent investment round, raising over $3 million in seed funding from global investors led by VoLo Earth Ventures, ..a leading climate tech venture capital firm accelerating the new energy economy. 

VoLo Earth Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Kareem Dabbagh, will be joining the VECKTA board. On leading the round, he notes "VECKTA is a natural fit to join our existing portfolio of climate tech companies that will profitably decarbonize our global systems, this decade, while saving money. Their data- and technology-enabled marketplace is extremely valuable to clients and businesses around the world looking to decarbonize their facilities, and we look forward to working closely with the team on our shared impact and economic outcomes."

As VECKTA continues to lead the industry with their revolutionary technology-enabled marketplace, executives and business leaders around the country will gain access to the resources they need to make significant business decisions regarding their energy needs in the years ahead. For companies trying to hit important climate goals while gaining energy independence, this could not have come at a better time.


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