Top Female Entrepreneurs To Follow As The Year Unfolds


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Top Female Entrepreneurs To Follow As The Year Unfolds

Women have been paving the path for entrepreneurs in every industry for many decades. Today, the list of women entrepreneurs spans many industries. Below is a list of the 10 most successful women entrepreneurs who have made a significant mark in recent decades. This list is in no particular order, and by no means exhaustive, but strives to recognize women who have built a world-renowned brand through their own hard work and strong drive.

Kim Perrell

Kim Perell is a serial entrepreneur, two-time bestselling author, prominent angel investor and a mother of two sets of twins. Beginning a journey from her kitchen table, Kim is now a multimillionaire at the age of 30 who just sold her last company for $235 million. She has been a major investor in hundreds of startups, allowing herself as an entrepreneur, and the entrepreneurs she surrounds herself by, to achieve success in their respective fields. Kim’s best ability has been shown throughout the career as she has cut out her critics and followed her own vision, displaying her confidence. She believes in the idea of outsourcing and micro influencing to replace the orthodox but old way of developing brands. Her career’s success has been greatly impacted by the amount of lives she has changed, hence this led to her drive, passion and motivation to uplift her fellow entrepreneurs.

Leah Lockett

Leah Lockett is the Founder & CEO of The Jet Set Lifestyle Group, a luxury travel provider and concierge – servicing ultra-high net-worth individuals and those seeking hand crafted itineraries from F1 packages to pioneering single seat private jet package deals. The talented entrepreneur has successfully built and scaled in the sector of luxury travel through her passion and personal love for travel. Leah stated “My innovative approach to the luxury travel sector, coupled with my personal love for travel means in an ever changing market myself and my brand constantly stay ahead of the curve.” Additionally to servicing her clients, Leah also offers mentorship and coaching to individuals looking to build their own brand within the travel industry and loves nothing more than empowering others to break industry norms and create a business and life that they are passionate about. To learn more about Leah Lockett & The Jet Set Lifestyle Group, click here.

Gianna Apostolski

Gianna Apostolski is the Founder & CEO of Split Vip Agency – A top class event management & VIP Hospitality company based in Croatia. The successful entrepreneur has years of experience in the field of VIP hospitality, Public Relations and Event Management. Gianna prides herself on maintaining stellar relationships with her clients, approaching each client individually and creating a unique range of services for them that meets their requirements and expectations. Unwavering enthusiasm, relentless positivity and down to earth nature are the hallmarks of Gianna’s success. She goes on to say “Honesty and sincerity are the basis of everything, both life and work. The client will not be satisfied and happy if you are not satisfied with yourself and happy with the work you have done for them.” To learn more about Gianna Apostolski and Split Vip Agency, click here.

Chiara Mazucco

Chiara Mazzucco is the founder and CEO of Bold Self, which serves as a seven-figure lifestyle and empowerment brand for female entrepreneurs. She is recognized by many for her motivational speeches and free spirited content which help provide clarity, guidance, and inspiration for many young women as they continue on their entrepreneurial journey. Chiara places heavy emphasis on success being easily attainable for all due to the current nature of today’s society. As blueprints for success can be found anywhere so long as you know what to look for. Her clients serve as one of her biggest personal accomplishments. Due to her priding herself in the success they’re able to achieve though following her advice. Staying true to her own creative expression is a priority for her as finding ways to remove herself from the mold imposed on her by the industry can be physically and mentally taxing for her at times. To learn more about Chiara Mazzucco & Bold Self, click here.

Nadine Dumas

Nadine Dumas is a successful Entrepreneur, Health Coach and CEO of LuxeBody.  Beginning her career as an accountant in the corporate world, Nadine Dumas soon realized she wasn’t driven by numbers and ledgers, instead she wanted to focus her career on helping women develop personal happiness through their own health and wellness. From then on she set her sights on becoming one of the top female leaders in the health and wellness space. Her strong work ethic and solid background in the corporate world helped launch her platform as a serial entrepreneur.  Having built each of her businesses from the ground up, she has one goal and one goal only – to help women love themselves, from the inside-out. Dumas, who has graced over a dozen magazine covers from all over the world, has helped a rolodex of clients from CEO's, to producers, political figures, actors, doctors and lawyers.  She uses a personalized approach and methodology with each client that has set her apart from other industry leaders. To learn more about Nadine Dumas and LuxeBody, click here

Francesca Sipma

Francesca Sipma, a former New Yorker, who spent her early career in advertising and marketing for top global brands. After a decade of engaging in this line of work, travelling and immense self reflection she came to the realization she wanted to pursue something with more intrinsic value. Which led to her newfound passion for the analytical deconstruction of the subconscious mind and the ways it can be rewired to improve one’s quality of life through deconstructing childhood conditioning and social programming. This resulted in her founding HypnoBreathwork and Mastry. Francesca believes that a strong work ethic along with integrity and a strong spiritual foundation should be prioritized for any prospective entrepreneurs. She claims her infusion of intuition and business strategy along with the progressive accumulation of knowledge is the main catalyst for the success she has experienced as an entrepreneur. It is her hope that corporations choose to adopt a psychological centered business model moving forwards, where mental optimization and well being is prioritized. To learn more about Francesca Sipa, click here.

Nicole Kernohan

Nicole Kernohan is a top 1% coach, who is the COO of Elevated Worldwide. She takes on the role of managing high-level visionaries, guiding them to their purpose & vision, allowing a complete transformation of their personal & professional growth. Through Nicole’s aid, a multitude of clients have discovered an abundance and positive mindset through Elevated’s unique  step-by-step process. She approaches each client with a process of shifting their lens into multiple growth areas, where she then helps them clarify their vision, create self-awareness, new actions and habits, resulting in their desired outcome. With this process, Nicole and Elevated Worldwide works with their subconscious mind, helping them discover their true potential in business and in life! To learn more about Nicole Kernohan & Elevated Worldwide, click here.

Kelly A Robinson

Kelly Robinson is an expert negotiator and serial entrepreneur that specializes in working with individuals in the sports and entertainment industry. However, she doesn’t limit herself to these ventures and doesn’t hesitate to step into new promising markets. She was able to recognize the high demand for pet products, as that industry proved capable of resisting both inflation and the pandemic. Despite the technological advancements in the real estate sector, she still holds strong to her belief that brokers will remain an important part of negotiations and securing deals due to human interaction playing a vital role in the entire process. Kelly recognizes the importance of building a strong team, since they serve as the backbone of any successful entrepreneurial venture. Developing her reputation is also something she continues to capitalize on, as she recognizes the importance of building one’s personal brand as it opens up a plethora of avenues to explore. To learn more about Kelly Robison, click here.

Alisha Marfatia

Alisha Marfatia is a world-renowned entrepreneur and international speaker who is CEO of The Social Impact and Co-Creator of Rise with Reels. Having appeared publicly multiple times through the works of Nova’s podcast Build your Brand, she has changed the whole scene of Instagram reels. She is also known as the Reels Queen or “Reels Pro” (according to Instagram themselves) as she has grown not just her account, but her business as well by impacting thousands by opening the door to business growth through Instagram Reels. Alisha’s magnetic personality and energy has allowed her to help business owners and founders all around the world change their lives and businesses through an online presence and dynamic digital marketing. She believes in creating one’s own unique story, making a lasting impact and leaving behind the outdated marketing approach & cookie-cutter strategies. To learn more about Alisha Marfatia, click here.

Nim Stant

Nim Stant is a Thia-American Entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and the founder of Go All In Media. In her career, she has accomplished helping 100’s of authors become Amazon best sellers. Nim’s mission with Go All In Media is to help raise the human experience of living with full potential – she founded the company in 2020 with an intention to bring together global thought leaders and teachers to educate, heal and create support for our community as a whole. In the future, Nim is looking forward to touching more lives as well as expanding her organization into South East Asia. To learn more about Nim Stant and Go All In Media, click here.


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