Top Crypto Projects To Watch Out In 2022 


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Top Crypto Projects To Watch Out In 2022 

New Crypto projects have to ride the waves of a merciless sea to stay afloat, meaning that the turnover of new projects is high. The popularity of this booming industry has led to a market that is crowded with countless different projects, all vying for your attention, each promising high returns and no buyer's remorse. It can be difficult to know which are likely to last and which are destined to go bust. To aid you in your quest for recognizing the best crypto projects, we have compiled a list of the top Crypto projects that deserve your attention in 2022. 

1.Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged combines two of the biggest trends in Crypto; NFT and gaming. 2021 saw the true rise of the NFT, and 2022 promises to offer countless Crypto projects that aim to provide the most valuable NFT's possible. Joining NFT at the top of popular Crypto trends in 2021 was the concept of gaming within the financial sector. Straddling both of these lucrative worlds, Vulcan Forged is an NFT game studio, marketplace, and dApp incubator that currently offers 10+ games and a top-five NFT marketplace volume.

2. Sologenic

Sologenic is a sophisticated ecosystem disrupting the asset trading industry, including Tokenized Securities, Crypto Assets & NFTs, by utilizing the on-demand tokenization of a wide range of assets from traditional financial markets or privately owned. The SOLO team is also launching "Coreum," a new Fast and Interoperable Layer-1 Blockchain with WASM Smart contract and 99% Less Carbon Footprint. 

3. Bondex

Bondex is an innovative project that aims to transform the way the world works by resolving the prevalent problems in the blockchain industry. It is a next-generation Web 3.0 talent ecosystem that is partly owned by its community of users through tokenized rewards. Bondex aims to provide solutions to the industry’s problems by leveraging its professional network implementing tokenized incentives to optimize the recruitment process and fill the growing talent void. The project utilizes a decentralized P2P model, enabling a new revenue-sharing business model. This is done in three ways: by redistributing more profits amongst the global talent pool and hiring companies, by better-aligning incentives across all participants for long-term growth, and by redefining the economic model of a professional network. 

4. Idle Finance 

Idle Finance is a unique crypto project that stands out from other similar projects due to its unmatched level of security—being one of the few non-hacked leading DeFi protocols—and its user-friendly design. The platform offers its users a decentralized rebalancing protocol, allowing them to algorithmically and automatically manage digital asset allocations among varied third-party DeFi protocols. Moreover, their Best Yield product fully optimizes the interest accrual process for users to guarantee they are obtaining the highest interest rates at all times. Another industry-defining product by Idle Finance is their Perpetual Yield Tranches, a yield aggregator product that tranches risk and yield. The two related tranches are Senior with deposit protection and yields and Junior with leveraged stablecoin yields. Despite having such advanced features, Idle Finance doesn’t require the user’s uncompromised attention to let them benefit from the platform; the entire model is built around ease of use, as the name suggests. 

5. SOLIDproof

A helpful addition to the world of Crypto, SOLIDproof specializes in auditing smart contracts. Using manual and automated testing, SOLIDproof locates any vulnerabilities within your blockchain project. They then provide you with a detailed report, giving you insights as to where you should be focusing your attention. SOLIDproof recently announced that it has plans to launch its own token in 2022.  

6Sin City

The Sin City Metaverse is currently getting attention for more than just its eye-catching moniker. As one of the very first Metaverse games on blockchain that promises to evoke the high octane thrills of games like Grand Theft Auto, the project has been appealing to a range of game enthusiast users. Sin City offers its own unique play-to-earn model, Where the user can earn the native $SIN token, to prosper as both an in-game player and an investor. 

7. Strike 

The Strike project offers users the chance to gain total ownership, a concept that is set to be trending highly in 2022. This ownership comes in the form of offering all Strike users full control of their digital assets on a non-custodial protocol. Users have the chance to earn a variable rate that is based on the market demands of the particular asset. The freedom that Strike allows offsets some of the unwanted rigidity that other projects are bound by. 

8. Unicrypt  

UniCrypt Network is a self-funded company that was launched in June 2020 and continues to scale upwards. UniCrypt has gained attention for being previously overlooked and undervalued. From their outsider position within an overcrowded market, Unicrypt has gained a following as a tenacious and ambitious project that is actively gaining daily strength and currently holds the position of number one liquidity lockers on the market. On top of that, they just announced their own upcoming decentralized exchange. Promising! 

9. Jobchain

This unique project is built on the concept of combining identification, financial, and recruitment services all in one place. Jobchain has created an application that allows anyone to receive their salary in cryptocurrency. The Jobchain app is compatible with both IOS, Android and is available for Web use. The project looks set to gain even further attention for its unique premise in 2022.   

10. Cellframe

Cellframe offers users a quantum-resistant blockchain that boasts high transaction throughput. Cellframe is one of the few cryptocurrency projects using post-quantum cryptography that has prepared itself to be sustainable in the upcoming era of quantum computers. This platform is service-oriented and simplifies the creation of decentralized applications. The progressive project has shared that it considers itself to be the sustainable cryptocurrency of the future. 

The scope and scale of cryptocurrency have already surpassed what was expected of it, but 2022 looks set to be the year that the true power of Crypto is revealed. With so many investment opportunities within cryptocurrency becoming available every day, choosing the most profitable project for your portfolio can be daunting, but with our helpful watchlist, you can stay ahead of the curve and keep these ten Crypto projects within your sights as they gain momentum in 2022.


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