Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Follow This Year


Amir Bakian   Brand Contributor

Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Follow This Year

Vito Glazers

Vito Glazers is an American media entrepreneur, producer, author, actor and international television personality most known for his appearances on WE TV, Bravo, and Netflix reality shows. Alongside his onscreen endeavours, Vito Glazers is highly regarded as an expert on News, Television and Film Production and specialises in Reputation Management, Public Relations, Influencer and Celebrity Marketing.

One World Publishing, founded by Glazers, was presented with the 2 Comma Club award in Nashville, TN for being the first digital publicity and reputation management company to do 7 figures in sales during one year through ClickFunnels (2019). In 2020 he renamed the agency Glazers Media and moved offices exclusively to West Hollywood, California. Known for being a performance marketing pioneer, Vito Glazers has spearheaded advertising and media ventures that have helped deliver billions of television viewers and website visitors to audiences and advertisers around the world.

Mystic Zach Hirsch

Mystic Zach Hirsch is a 20 year-old sports analyst and handicapper based out of Delray Beach, Florida. He creates his own content. His Instagram @ipickwins is followed by over one million accounts and is popular amongst sports fans, gamblers, influencers, and athletes. Zach has appeared as an on-air sports odds analyst and commentator on Triller, BKFC, and Impact Network.

In addition to his sports analytics content, Zach is known for his celebrity interviews, funny memes, and in 2021 wrote, produced, and directed two successful digital short films: Don’t Sleep on Jake with Jake Paul and Beyond The Ring: Bounty for WorldStar HipHop. His videos have received millions of views from fans around the world. Mystic Zach has been quoted as a sports analytics expert in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Alexander Martino

Alexander Martino is an entrepreneur and financial visionary who led his company The Scaling Group, LLC to become a seven-figure operation in only eight months. In that time, Alexander went from founding his company and having 0 clients to having over 1,500. His thorough and intuitive sense of business helps his clients accelerate into the highest-grossing versions of themselves.

When asked about what wisdom he wants to share with others, he stated "If you don't figure out a way to generate residual income and make your money work for you, you will have to work until you die". As a rapidly expanding Los Angeles-based business his ambition is to be a catalyst for the growth of his community. Committed to empowering, uplifting, collaborating with, and giving back to the community. Alexander’s marketing team has generated over $250 Million in the last four years.

Jason Alvarez-Cohen

Jason Alvarez-Cohen is a tech entrepreneur and Forbes 30 under 30 honoree. He is the CEO, Co-Founder and chief engineer at Popl, a Y-Combinator backed technology company based in Los Angeles. Popl is a smartphone accessory and app that promotes contactless sharing by allowing users to instantly share their social media and contact information by simply holding their Popl to another smartphone.

Jason was born in Berkeley, California in 1996 and graduated from UCLA in 2018 with a computer science degree. Jason started popl in 2019 with his best friend Nick Eischens. Together, the entrepreneurs applied their backgrounds in software engineering, business management and their social media savvy to build a global 8 figure brand through a viral marketing strategy on TikTok. Since launching on the platform in February 2020, Popl has garnered nearly 2 million followers and more than 130 million views and counting.

Alex Heiden

Alex Heiden is an astute entrepreneur and founder of Closify, a platform that helps businesses hire commission-only sales agents. His untold passion for sales motivates him to create efficient solutions. The 21-year-old entrepreneur started his entrepreneurial journey by flipping sneakers in high school, then transitioning to selling offers online during school breaks, the young hustler used his profits to create Closify.

Alex strives to provide affordable solutions when it comes to hiring or recruiting sales reps. Alex firmly believes in the future of Niche hiring platforms and is committed to helping businesses find sustainable solutions when it comes to recruitment.

Kamran Zahid

Kamran Zahid is a Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Fame Media, a full-service instagram branding agency. At just 18 years old, the social media and marketing expert, Kamran Zahid, has been able to build an impressive marketing and digital company all within the power of instagram and social media. From social media growth, branding, and NFT marketing, Kamran Zahid caters to hundreds of entrepreneurs across The United States, Europe, and beyond.

Justin Miller

Justin Miller is the founder and CEO of Luxx Jewelers. After being slowed down by the education system, he dropped out of university at 18. Since then, Justin has overcome many failures in his way on the path to success. Out of the multitude of successful companies led under his wing, he’s now focused on his newest DTC brand Luxx Jewelers.

Luxx Jewelers places a priority on the quality behind the jewelry to provide their clients with only the best. From sourcing the finest precious metals to designing timeless pieces, average is never an option. Their goal is to offer handcrafted fine jewelry that rivals the elite designer brands, at a more obtainable price. Justin is on a mission to turn Luxx Jewelers into a household name.

Sebastian Duarte Griego

Sebastian Duarte Griego is a well-recognized digital marketing expert and dynamic entrepreneur who is enthralling people with his skills and expertise. With pure determination, relying solely on his astute visions, devotion, and creativity, without any outside connections or money, he has managed to create a thriving media agency with 35 employees and over 7 figures in revenue. Modest and generous, he believes that the best way anyone can grow is through unconditional support and acceptance of people, helping them build their visions and dreams. He insists on following his heart, fearlessly moving with the flow, devoting himself to learning every step of the way, and making most of every situation through recognizing and seizing opportunities as they come.

Sebastian has created a brand of himself as well – he is a successful social media influencer with over 5 million followers. His innovative techniques and social media strategies have been recognized and discussed by many sites, like Time Business News, NNL, American Daily Post, The Statesman, Future Sharks, etc.

Russell Hart

Russell Hart is a well-established entrepreneur and online marketing expert who has worked on co-founding and growing one of the largest Instagram networks (Weird Media) with over 43 million followers across Instagram.

Using his wide expertise, knowledge, and comprehension of web-based media, especially Instagram, Russell has worked on successfully expanding Instagram pages’ exposure, curating more traffic to them; he has helped 18 pages successfully expand on Instagram, 12 of them going from zero to over one million followers. His incredible practice has Weird Media, expanding at an incredible rate: predictions state expectation of over 100 million followers across social media.

His innovative practices have him profiled and mentioned in several media who work with analyzing and recognizing thriving social media entrepreneurs.

Kaizen Asiedu

Kaizen Asiedu is a Mindset and Self-Mastery coach. He specializes in helping high-performers access the confidence, freedom, and power to create abundance in their lives. An Emmy award winner and Harvard graduate, Kaizen brings a unique mix of practical knowledge and spiritual insight that helps elevate the people he works with from surviving to thriving. When asked what advice he would give to a prospective entrepreneur, he stated "If you first master your emotions and mindset then business success will become an effortless byproduct." Kasizen believes that spiritual development will be considered a necessary component of personal development, and people who have mastered their mind, are connected to their spirit, and cultivate their body will be the leaders of tomorrow in all arenas - business and government included.


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