Top 10 Crypto Influencers to Watch in 2022


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Top 10 Crypto Influencers to Watch in 2022

Cryptocurrency is booming and there are some star figures among the industry. Here are 10 fintech influencers to keep a close eye on as they make waves in this dynamic field.

Moritz Herbert

Born in Frankfurt and currently living in Dubai, Moritz Herbert (aka Mo, CryptoMo), became a top crypto figure by accident. The plan for this 22-year-old was to become a successful gaming YouTuber. After 12 years of Minecraft uploads and 14 years of Clash of Clans & Clash Royal videos, Herbert's YouTube channel became the biggest mobile gaming one in Germany with 500,000 subscribers. A lot of money needed to be invested, so Herbert opted for crypto. When the successful mining ran dry, the gamer identified a gap in crypto information in the German-speaking world. This led to CryptoMo, now the largest trading channel in Germany. Next to his YouTube, Mo tries himself as an entrepreneur in the crypto industry.

Alex Reinhardt

During his time at the prestigious Humboldt University of Berlin, Alex Reinhardt was already working with startups. In just ten years, he launched hundreds of projects after raising over half a billion euros in funding. Since 2016, Alex Reinhardt has launched several successful crypto projects that have risen to leading positions on the global blockchain landscape. The latest is PLC Ultima, one of the largest crypto projects in the world that bridges business and crypto. The PLCU offers innovative business solutions that enable merchants worldwide to sell their goods for crypto, engaging with a worldwide community of crypto enthusiasts. PLCU has more than 1 million users, the coin price is over USD 55K (more than BTC), and its capitalization exceeds USD 5 billion. Alex Reinhardt is also a successful business coach and his first book will be available later in 2022.

Moritz Pindorek (Mopindo)

This professional athlete, track & field, is an early crypto adapter who entered the industry in 2013. Mopindo assisted with his first projects in 2017, ranging from founding a CBD company to, a social media agency, crypto marketing agency, and crypto advisory firm. In 2018, he assisted to grow brands and in 2019 began the transition to Web 3. 2021 brought with it NFT minting & selling plus Mopindo developing a reputation as a go-to for marketing. In 2022, he held the role of chief marketing officer (CMO) for several projects and even more up and coming blockchain companies. In total, Mopindo has helped other endeavors raise a combined total of more than $100 million.


The co-founder of Baller Cryptowear has worked all over the globe, accruing a decade of marketing experience while teaming up with multinational brands. Cryptokang has advised and worked alongside celebrity jacket designer Jeff Hamilton since 2018. He is known as the Ronin of crypto, being an early investor and one of the first influencers to write about blockchain technology. Business Insider has named his TikTok crypto channel as the second best of its industry on the platform, and Cryptokang was the first of his peers to refer to the crypto surge as one of the main puzzle pieces to the fourth industrial revolution. In addition to his livestreams about health and nutrition, this scholar hosts a private library with some of the world’s rarest tomes, spanning many subjects. It falls in line with his philosophy of working on the mind and body first with financial independence coming later as a result of it.

Sami Rusani

Another early adapter of crypto, Sami Rusani was buying Bitcoin in 2013 and Ethereum in 2015. He has sold three companies and worked with huge international companies such as Mercedes, Visa, and Sony. Currently a hedge fund owner and fund manager, Rusani has made over 100 VC and angel investments plus has raised over $200 million for clients. He has served as an advisor to crypto gaming, NFT, DeFi, and fintech projects and is currently the CMO and sits on the board of Wasder, a social gaming microverse. Sami Rusani also founded GoBlockchain, a retail fund which exclusively invests in blockchains.

Bibin Babu

Bibin Babu has been in the blockchain industry since 2015, having built several projects while avidly promoting the cyrpto industry. He has trained and educated more than 10,000 students about the fintech world through free programs. Babu is the co-founder of Payiza, one of the first blockchain utility payment platforms which boasts over 100,000 users. He is also a co-founder of Metaspace, a metaverse platform that introduced this digital concept to a mass audience. Today, Bibin Babu is an investor and strategic advisor of Shereal, the world’s first women-only Web 3.0 platform.

Keerthan Shetty

Currently leads the Crypto business development & partnerships for, Keerthan Shetty went from flipping burgers to the director of business development at India’s largest crypto exchange. After being introduced to fintech, Shetty knew he wanted to go all-in to this emerging field. He is fascinated by what is possible in the industry and has become heavily involved in general blockchain activities. His current venture,, is a platform to make building decentralized apps a simpler process by functioning as a blockchain and a relational database. Also, he is currently advising and investing in early stage blockchain companies.

Manan Shah

Manan Shah has nine years of cybersecurity experience and has been named one of Microsoft’s top 100 security researchers in the world. Currently, he holds the titles of founder, director, and CEO of Avalanche Global Solutions. Prior to launching Avalanche, Shah solved cybercrimes for some of the world’s biggest companies including Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, and Apple. He has been involved in the crypto and blockchain industries since 2014. Thanks to his cybersecurity background, Shah is a frequent speaker on topics such as crypto security and how blockchains will shift the financial industry. In addition to Avalance, this security guru also leads the enterprise-grade security firm Cybirb to safeguard Web 3 operations.

Brian D. Evans

Brian Evans made a name for himself in the digital world with his online marketing, advertising, and consulting agency. In fact, the business made the Inc. Top 500 List of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America and the was listed among the Top 25 Advertising & Marketing Firms in America. Evans shifted gears and is now considered a crypto OG with over a million social media followers. His next business project was the founding of ReBlock Ventures, a premiere VC studio focused on Web3 spaces, blockchain technology, crypto, and NFTs. One of ReBlck’s niches is investing, advising, and building video games optimized for Web 3.0


Like many other crypto figures, CryptoFace remains anonymous yet calls himself a regular guy. This college dropout holds the world record for the most profitable cryptocurrency trade to date, all taking place on a live stream. In 5-6 hours, CryptoFace made $2 million dollars. Yet his record also applies in the other direction, for the industry’s largest live-stream loss. This pendulum is mitigated by the significant knowledge the crypto figure has earned, crediting the internet for offering everything a person needs to get ahead in life.


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