Top 10 Business Professionals To Look Out For In 2022


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Top 10 Business Professionals To Look Out For In 2022

Good entrepreneurs have the determination, dedication and drive to make their businesses successful. Great entrepreneurs have a little bit more. They see the opportunity to not only win but to change the game to make the world a better place for everyone. They inspire.

This list includes ten great business professionals. Representing a wide range of industries, each exhibits a commitment to lead, serve or share in a way that is transforming culture and calling upon colleagues to consider how to extend the impact of their work.

Ben Ganz & Monty Lopez

Superstar influencer Monty Lopez and VEGO Picture's Ben Ganz are launching A-list TikTok Agency BAM Social. Ben and Monty have built BAM Social to help brands execute TikTok content production, influencer outreach, 360° social strategies, and strategic partnerships. BAM Social will merge with award-winning VEGO Pictures to create a content superhouse. Ganz's vast experience in network television and digital innovation coupled with Lopez's overarching strategy in brand creation equals BAM Social, a one-stop, turnkey, TikTok agency.

Ben Ganz was an integral part of the team that built the digital strategy for American Idol and FOX's unscripted shows in lockstep with the birth of modern social media. Ganz's approach would shape FOX's second-screen strategy for the next decade. When American Idol took a bow, Ganz started VEGO Pictures. The new enterprise was behind the social media for American Idol's re-launch, which garnered a whopping 2 billion impressions. Ben's other achievements include creating Hollywood 2.0 - The Vego Show, one of Apple's Top 20 business podcasts. In addition, VEGO Pictures served as an in-house production team for Kevin Hart's LOL Network.

Kris Jenner is to The Kardashians on Instagram as Monty Lopez is to The Rae Family on TikTok. Monty has a stellar track record providing the business strategy and team building for Addison Rae and The Rae Family brands. He is an expert at ushering talent to global stardom and creating teams that can transition through multiple platforms. Furthermore, Lopez grew his personal TikTok account to 5.5 million followers while managing his daughter's meteoric rise to stardom. Look for Monty Lopez and his family in the Snapchat Original series Addison Rae Goes Home.

Brian D. Evans

Brian D. Evans is an Inc. 500 entrepreneur that has founded, advised and consulted multiple companies in various industries & verticals such as eCommerce, tech and SaaS platforms, digital publishing, NFTs, blockchain, AI, marketing & advertising, video game & mobile app marketing, and more. Brian was a former actor turned Entrepreneur. He got his start in the film industry in Boston in 2004 and was active until 2011 in Los Angeles. He founded the popular, and built one of the fastest growing advertising and marketing agencies in the world. He's a prolific serial entrepreneur with millions of social media followers across his brand and personal brand. Brain is also very active in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. He has been featured on Forbes, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur Magazine, Mashable, Inc. Magazine and many more. He is also a columnist for many of the largest business and entrepreneur sites in the world.

Michael Rivero & Joshua McQuaig

Michael Rivero & Joshua McQuaig are the Founders of TopShotPro and avid marketers based out of Northern Virginia. With combined 10+ years of digital marketing, branding, and advertising experience – Michael & Joshua along with their team grow personal brands for real estate professionals from content ideation, creation, and distribution across all social platforms and search engines. The Metaverse & Blockchain technology are the next phase of this industry, and with their mission in mind to Revolutionize Real Estate Unifying people and technology Michael & Joshua are ready to take on the complexities, and opportunities that await this new phase of technological evolution.

Azruddin Mohamed

Azruddin Mohamed is a billionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist & a sports enthusiast from Guyana. Azruddin has spent the last 25 years building many successful businesses that cover multiple sectors, such as real estate, construction, foreign exchange, and gold. These successful businesses have made him one of the richest men in Guyana, giving him heavyweight authority and influence. Azruddin attributes his success to his willingness to work hard and learn new things. To him, success is not measured by the yardstick of wealth. It is all about enhancing your knowledge and skills throughout your life, and that’s how you grow. In the coming years, Azruddin wants to introduce more innovative business ventures in Guyana, which will not only help scale his businesses but also contribute to his country’s development.

Gabriele “Orangie” Leyva

Gabriele Levya was born in Italy and Raised in Miami. He’s young social media influencer & entrepreneur. His passion for video games led him to playing professionally for many different esports organizations and competing in multiple invite only events. After posting his clips online he gathered a following of 700,000+ on his social media combined and gathered over 30M views. Instead of spending his money on luxurious items, he proceeded to re-invest it into NFT’s & other crypto investments and was able to truly take off in the NFT space. He quickly fell in love with NFT’s and even onboarded A-list celebrities such as Bradley Martyn onto a project. Till date, he has spent over $1,000,000 on NFT’s when it started off as just a $6,000 purchase. The future is looking incredibly bright for this 18 year old as more and more brands enter the metaverse.

Scott D. Clary

A career sales and marketing executive. Scott D. Clary re-writes the playbook on sales, marketing, brand and take to market strategy. From startups to enterprise, Scott has worked with execs and entrepreneurs to 10x their businesses. After several career success (including being in revenue leadership positions through multiple exits) and working with a variety of startups as both C-Suite and fractional C-Suite, Scott is now co-founder and CEO of OnMi Patch, a health technology and wellness brand disrupting the supplement space with transdermal vitamin patches. He currently is the host of the Success Story podcast (part of the Hubspot & Blue Wire Podcast network) where he interviews inspirational people, mentors and leaders, and the writer of a weekly business newsletter which goes out to over 40,000 people.

Ally Russell

Ally Russell is a real estate professional & a Florida native. While attending the University of South Florida Ally got her real estate license, and she hasn’t looked back since quickly becoming one of Tampa’s top performers. Ally has always been an industry leader, staying ahead of the latest trends for her clients, and sharing her unusual known off market skills and expertise to ensure the success of others on her team.

Ally is the Co-Owner of KVA Group, quickly becoming Tampa Bay’s #1 producing real estate team that is constantly innovating new ways to buy & sell real estate. Ally has successfully been able to build a team of 13 power agents alongside her business partner Kamilla Altunyan. Primarily focusing on new construction residential developments & acquiring off market properties for their clientele. While expanding to the Miami market area now, focusing on high end off market waterfront homes & taking on new development projects, Ally still strives to maintain her Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Leonard Person Jr

Leonard Person Jr is the CEO of For the past 18 years Leonard has specialized and became a Whale Expert Real Estate Investor / Coach investing in residential, multi families & commercial properties. After being inspired to get into real estate by a friend who was collecting checks for $20,000 a property, Leonard Person Jr. quickly became immersed in the industry and began learning everything he could to perform in the market.

Before long, he was netting six figures flipping properties and had a first year that brought him over $1.2M. Rather than keeping the knowledge to himself, he self published a book on real estate titled, “Hood Estate The Manual”. This book was created with the idea of helping teach the urban community how to flip properties and build wealth by leveraging credit. Leonard has helped hundreds if not thousands of people become millionaires or given them an opportunity to become successful in the real estate investing business and he continues to do so by helping people receive funding without showing proof of income, giving an average person an easy start to becoming a Real Estate Investor.

Salman Altaf

Salman Altaf is a Pakistani entrepreneur based in Multan, Pakistan. The talented young entrepreneur has successfully built and scaled in the sector of e-commerce & digital marketing. In his career of just 4 years, he has successfully scaled his organization Blue Cascade from 3 people to around 350 people, acquiring many startups along the way. Salman is known in his industry for his agility & his ability to scale businesses at a rapid pace. Salman forecasts that the GDP in the e-commerce sector will only rise with time, and incubating startups would benefit a lot in the long run.

Shelton Wilder

Shelton Wilder hails from Charlotte, North Carolina but loves Los Angeles as only a native can. In her over fifteen years on the Westside, Shelton has developed a nuanced understanding of LA's complex and often bewildering patchwork of neighborhoods, schools, and cultures.

In just over six years as a realtor--but many more as a serial entrepreneur in marketing, fashion, and entertainment – Shelton has achieved a staggering $225 million in total sales, putting her in the top 1.5% of realtors nationwide.  A recipient of the prestigious Douglas Elliman Gold Award, Shelton was also nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year by the LA Business Journal and included in the Real Estate Express feature: "Five Talented Females Who Are Making Waves."

While she specializes in luxury residential and commercial properties in Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Mar Vista, Venice and Beverly Hills, Shelton will travel anywhere her clients have interests.


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