This Top Home Loan Lender Is Helping ‘Equity Rich’ Owners Cash In On Their Mortgages


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This Top Home Loan Lender Is Helping ‘Equity Rich’ Owners Cash In On Their Mortgages

More than half of U.S. homes with mortgages are now “equity rich,” meaning the outstanding amount on the loan is less than half the potential sale price of their property, and that’s prompting many owners to seek the help of Loan X Mortgage for a cash-out refinance. Loan X Mortgage is the top rated broker in the United States, and also the highest rated. 

The company, which has offices in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada,  Texas, and Florida. Along with being licensed in a good portion of the United States, is fast developing as the go-to contact for people who want to take advantage of the growing equity in their houses to obtain an influx of cash. The funds can be used for a wide range of purposes, ranging from paying down debt to home improvements to creating a rainy day fund or investments.

And the reason behind Loan X Mortgage’s speedy growth, is its proprietary software developed in-house that ensures homeowners can close a cash-out refinance loan in just 14 days or less – no matter the size of the mortgage or value of the property.

It’s a service that the company offers to a wide range of homeowners throughout the states in which it operates, and they can work with customers with credit scores from 500 to 900.

“Rising interest rates mean that many people right now aren’t looking to refinance their mortgages because they know they’ll likely end up with less-favorable rates than what they currently have,” says the company’s CEO and President Tim Dankha. “Instead, they’re benefiting from cash-out refinancing that can help them achieve financial freedom or financial relief.”

With a cash-out refinance, equity-rich homeowners take out a new, larger loan that will pay off the remaining balance on their existing mortgage, and receive a check for the difference.

For example, if someone owns a property that’s currently worth $250,000 and they have an outstanding home loan balance of $150,000, Loan X Mortgage could provide them with a new $180,000 mortgage on favorable terms. The $30,000 difference between the existing home loan outstanding balance and the new loan amount is given to the owner to spend how they want.

Helping property owners discover the option of cash-out refinancing is just one of the many innovative ways that Dankha’s company strives to educate people about the choices available when it comes to home loans, and finding the arrangement that works best for their needs.

The list of products on offer from Loan X Mortgage includes Conventional, VA, FHA, home equity loans, heloc’s, new home purchases, down payment assistance programs, special products for borrower’s over 60 years old, and many many many more products.  with a wide array of interest rates, terms, and custom products. “We also finance Condotels, and Non-Warrantable Condos,” Dankha explains. “Most lending companies don't offer this product mix.”

“We take a client-first mentality here and offer so many different products that we are not a one-trick pony. When a client calls us we ensure that they are given the most lucrative product for their situation,” says Dankha.

Dankha has the vast experience needed to inform the advice he and Loan X Mortgage provide to their customers, He is a top expert in this industry, and his entire staff goes through strenuous weekly trainings to ensure they are the expert for their client as well. 

For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to Loan X Mortgage.


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