This Jewelry Designer Is Crafting Jewelry That Is "Not For Sale"


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This Jewelry Designer Is Crafting Jewelry That Is

Entrepreneurs and artists share an important characteristic: they follow their passion. For those who hold both of these titles, their passion is a true driving force that further inspires creativity. Meit Kamdar Avlanii is one of these people with a story that is as captivating as his creations.

Noted jewelry designer and the Creative Director at Avlanii Fine Gems & Jewelry, Meit Kamdar Avlanii is a modern sculptor working with some of the world's most expensive materials. In the truest spirit of his artistic nature, Meit Kamdar Avlanii aims to create five exclusive pieces each year that are "Not for Sale." The purpose behind this is to indulge his creativity rather than focus on the nature of business of profits. The pieces that will go on display in 2022 promise to be some of Meit's most stunning work to date, comprised of select emeralds, precious rubies, and large diamonds that are fit for royalty.

A Commissioned pair of Colombian emerald earrings designed by Meit in 2019

Meit's high jewelry will be showcased at select galleries and jewelry studios next year. Meit Kamdar Avlanii's goal is to inspire awe in others while fulfilling his intense need to create. This far exceeds the need to make a sale as Meit designs these exquisite pieces to be appreciated and inspire. He finds fulfillment in knowing people of all walks of life can partake interest in his jewelry's persona rather than it going to a private collector, only to get shielded from the rest of the world. This is what truly makes Meit Kamdar Avlanii the artist he is.

In fact, Avlanii prides himself on his work being wearable art. By fusing eastern and western design aesthetics, these pieces are as unique as they are timeless. One can easily see this high jewelry was designed to be passed down over generations. Meit's creative spirit is visible in everything he designs, as is the inspiration behind each piece.

Like countless other artists, Meit Kamdar Avlanii has the occasional creative block. He overcomes this by persistently scribbling a design, referring to imagery, and taking inspiration from nature or just taking a break. While being the creative director of Avlanii Fine Gems & Jewelry, Meit Kamdar Avlanii will create five true showstoppers a year, and these exquisite pieces of art will not be available for purchase.


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