The Transformes

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Nancy Heslin   Forbes Monaco

The Transformes

Constanta and Jasmin Manke.

Article first published in July/August 2022.

Constantina and jasmin Manke are on a mission. Mother and daughter are in the business of helping women worldwilde discover economic empowerment with entrepreunarial souls.

The world "no" does not exist in my vocabulary. Every step I have taken in my life , all my goals and achievements, have been dedicated to help and  support my family and the world.

Says Constanta  Manke.

view overlooking Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai, Manke’s luxury lifestyle is a world away from her upbringing in Romania. “My childhood was miserable and fairly hopeless,” Constanta Manke admits.

Born in Constanta, a port city on the Black Sea coast, Manke was raised primarily by her grandparents. She recalls how life was full of hardship under the Communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaus̀¦escu. “Freedom was scarce, opportunities were slim and education was limited. My family always worked hard but we only had the necessary basics to survive.”

She made a life-changing decision to “escape.” In July 1978 she set herself “free” and headed to Germany. With no money, no language skills and no plan, 18-year-old Manke stepped off the train in a small town with only a tiny hope of light at the end of the tunnel. “It was all foreign to me. I was terrified but the desire to change my life was greater than the fear, so I proceeded without looking back.”

While commuting back and forth between five jobs and home, Manke taught herself German by listening to the radio. “There is no shame in starting from zero as long as you stay honest and loyal to yourself and others.”

Starting out in a restaurant kitchen washing dishes and cutting potatoes, Manke’s supervisors noticed her “flexibility, versatility and drive to work hard” and she was soon promoted to a waitress position and eventually manager. At 20, having carefully saved enough money, she applied to a hotel and restaurant management school. “I was determined to make a new life for myself. I wanted to be independent and earn my own money so that I could support myself and my family back in Romania,” she articulates.

During this “tough and stressful” period in her life, she drew strength from a faith in God, the universe and her angels and in having the chance to live in a free country with opportunities she could never have imagined. She was able to forgive and forget her past and learn from it. “If I had not taken the leap to go to Germany there is no way I would have become the person I am now. I never gave up, I kept going with the belief that I could make it happen and that all the long hours would eventually be worth it.” After five years of hard work and persistence, Manke was granted German citizenship on her own merit.

By age 25, and fluent in Romanian, German and English (she understands French and Spanish), Manke was able to financially care for her mother, Paraschiva, and moved her from Romania into her apartment. “I was highly motivated to keep going and willing to take calculated risks to create a better life for myself and my family.”

After enrolling at the hospitality school, a very disciplined Manke opened a small restaurant and ran a parallel business in beauty and fashion. Having been exposed to people trying to take advantage of her, she developed a philosophy to stay grounded by building an honest name for herself through business. “I started several businesses at the same time to reach full independence and freedom and achieve my goals.”

Based in Hamburg and Berlin and taking care of her mother, 30-year-old Manke was traveling across Europe, the U.S. and Australia, developing her businesses while staying open to opportunities. With her cosmetics company growing successfully, she started supporting other women, helping them to start their own businesses to become financially independent. “I was training women in different cities to build their own businesses and sell cosmetics and fashion items. It was in my blood and I have passed this along to my daughter, Jasmin.”

One day the outgoing entrepreneur stopped to fill up her car. Needing a restroom, she crossed the street from the gas station and entered a restaurant, ordering a quick coffee. “While it was being served, I dashed to the washroom. On the way, I tripped on a stranger’s leg. I had no to time to look at the man’s face as I headed to the bar to pay for my espresso and leave.”
He approached her to apologize and see if she had been injured. It was love at first sight. After a three-month long-distance relationship, the couple decided to live together and jointly build a business.

They "never split up again".

Her future husband, Arno, worked in construction and real estate but Manke continued to run her own businesses. “This was very important to me. We bought old houses, rebuilt them and created a rental empire. We joined forces to help families find new comfortable and peaceful homes. We worked day and night together. Finally, I decided to dedicate all my attention to this new chapter of my life.”

After five years of passionately building a multimillion-dollar business together, Arno surprised her in New York with a proposal at Tiffany’s. “The next stop on our trip was Las Vegas where we got married. It was unplanned and for me love is the most important thing. The best present for our birthdays and honeymoon was being pregnant with our daughter Jasmin.”

Manke insists the key to a true partnership is “that you feel complete and that you stay strong and trust in yourself and others. Then you can work together. Communication is everything and you don’t need space for competition or jealousy.”

All that hard work and stress took a toll on her husband’s health and Arno became permanently bedridden. Manke took care of him, as well as her mother, their daughter and the construction business. In 2004, after ten years of marriage, the unimaginable happened: Manke became a widow at 44. “I was  devastated. My soulmate had gone. Our life was broken and I felt lost but I can tell you that I never lost my trust in God, my angels and all my positive energy that made me stronger and confident.”

With a 10-year-old daughter to care for, Manke took matters in her own hands. A survival instinct kicked in and beyond Arno’s passing, she wanted to make her husband proud. “It was not always easy but I kept going. I made sure that I was both mother and father to Jasmin and I took her to all my meetings when she was a young child. I guess this is what helped her become such a successful business woman at such a young age.”

Manke, who divides her time between Berlin, London, Dubai and Monaco, wanted to give Jasmin everything she did not have in her own childhood. She made sure her daughter had an extensive education, both international and spiritual. “Jasmin has grown into a good-hearted, genuine and loving human being. She is my mirror. I try to be a good mother and a good friend yet, at the same time, I step back and let her make her own mistakes in her personal life and career.

“As an entrepreneur, Jasmin is helping other women to create successful businesses and attract more wealth with ease. It is important to remember that money can buy a lot of things but not life, not love and not health. The quality of life is more important than the quantity of money.”

“It is important to rembember that money can buy a lot of things but not life, not love and not health. The quality of life is more important than the quality of money.”

Constanta manke.

Family is everything to Manke. “My mother, my daughter and myself have a unique and strong bond—three generations of powerful women. They are my everything, my best friends and a big part of my life.” In 2019, to celebrate Jasmin’s 24th birthday, Manke surprised her with a Platinum Partnership with Tony Robbins which included 12 months traveling to 16 events around the world. “This was one of my most important life experiences, with big challenges, outstanding magical moments and meeting beautiful souls.”

With Jasmin well on the path to her own life, Manke has swapped a busy life for spending more time with family and friends and traveling. She supports charity events, typically in aid of children, the elderly, the sick and animals. “A healthy mind and body are important to give back to the community. We are each responsible for our own successful lives. You do not owe anyone anything so never let anyone take up space in your life if you are not happy.”

Manke hopes her own story about building a life from scratch inspires women and families worldwide. She is adamant that money can always be made but memories, experiences and emotional values have greater worth. “I want my story to give hope, love and power, and for women to trust in their own ability and support each other.” Her message is inclusive— for widows, single and divorced women, and mothers who are trying to do it all and want to be successful: “Keep going, you will get through this, but ask for support whenever you need it. Believe in yourself, trust your intuition and listen to your heart.”

And she is taking her own advice. “I have learned one of my biggest life lessons, that when you lose loved ones and suffer sadness, you can always heal and love once again. I am now open and ready to welcome love in my life. It is my time.”

Born in Berlin, Jasmin Manke was only 10 years old when her father passed away. “My parents always worked hard and even though I was brought up with love and had everything a child could ask for, my biggest wish was to spend more time with them,” she says.
From a very young age, Jasmin accompanied her mother to business meetings. “I remember once after school my mom took me to a board meeting at a high-end restaurant. I was five. I learnt a lot about business during those times, my mind was subconsciously picking up on things.”

If losing her dad was not hard enough, at school Jasmin was bullied for having “a very colorful style.” As she describes, “I was called ‘fat’ and ‘ugly,’ which created low self-esteem in my teenage years. My mother, however, always built me up and shared the mentality to never give up. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the experience.”

At 14, Jasmin headed off to boarding school in the U.K. “I guess I watched Harry Potter one too many times,” she laughs. “My mom was sad that I left but in hindsight it brought us closer together and allowed me to grow into the independent woman that I am now.”

In the “go-go-go” vibe of London, Jasmin blossomed. She went on to get a BA in International Business, working during her lunch breaks in real estate and finance. “I realized that I had a bigger love for humans than numbers.” This led her to study a Masters in Psychology Mental Health and Neuroscience from Kings College London.

The family’s mantra of “hard work equals success” would eventually lay the groundwork for her mentoring business. “I wanted to create fulfilling prosperity, especially after witnessing my dad work himself to death. Yet I fell into the same pattern of burning myself out and being in a toxic relationship.” She decided to take control.

Leaving behind a finance job in Knightsbridge and apartment that she shared with an abusive partner, Jasmin went off to travel the world and relocated to Dubai. “I felt the inner drive to helpother people, to make their wildest dreams come true, because in life we don’t allow ourselves to admit what we truly want.”

Jasmin, who like her mother speaks five languages, has built a million-dollar coaching business. Clients are anywhere in the range of 18 to 70 years old and live in Asia, Africa, Europe and the U.S. “I have helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs attract soulmate clients, create wealth with ease and flow through aligned business models. I have various programs that allow women to build six- and seven-figure service-based businesses, whether they are starting from scratch or scaling. Some of my clients make over €100,000 per month.

Jasmin, who like her mother speaks five languages, has built a million-dollar coaching business. Clients are anywhere in the range of 18 to 70 years old and live in Asia, Africa, Europe and the U.S. “I have helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs attract soulmate clients, create wealth with ease and flow through aligned business models. I have various programs that allow women to build six- and seven-figure service-based businesses, whether they are starting from scratch or scaling. Some of my clients make over €100,000 per month.

“At one point, I had 12 employees, all in different time zones, working for me while my mom, grandma and I took a 120-day cruise from Greece to Australia. It was crazy because the time difference changed every couple of hours but I made it happen.” It is clear that travel and family, especially her “deep connection to my mother and grandmother,” are important elements of Jasmin’s life. “I believe in practicing what you preach. Every person should allow themselves to be supported. This is one of the biggest learning lessons I have taken away. Support is not a luxury; it is a necessity. In order to have a balanced and fulfilling life, while creating massive wealth you should allow yourself to be supported in all areas. Nobody should compromise their health or time for themselves and loved ones".

To most people, Jasmin agrees, this sounds “too good to be true.” “When I was 16, my mother gave me The Secret, and truth be told, I thought the book was nonsense. Fast forward to me at age 27, my friend Jack Canfield, who was featured in The Secret, has written an endorsement for my book.”

Simply makink money is no longer the vibe. Being happy, healthy and wealthy is what is all about.

Jasmin Manke

The book Co-Creating Abundance: Attracting Wealth With Ease is the product of Jasmin’s tangible strategies “that allowed me to step into being an ‘ease and flow’ millionaire. I have read countless books while building my global empire and I felt it was time to share my own and take women on this journey with me.” She is quick to point out that she never believed the idea you could make money doing something you are passionate about. “I am here to change that old paradigm. The world truly is evolving in a more mindfulness direction and this can be your leap into a more fulfilling life with more independence, financial freedom and time.”

Although she refers to financial freedom, she believes that health is the true wealth in life. “Like I always say, ‘Some rich people are so poor, all they have is money.’ Simply making money is no longer the vibe, being happy, healthy and wealthy is what it is all about.” And happiness can be created from within, as Jasmin knows firsthand: every day she meditates and does some form of physical activity, even if it is a 15-minute walk, eats healthy, sleeps seven hours and is constantly reading and learning to improve herself as a woman.

J asmin is an apple that has not fallen far from the tree. In addition to recently launching an app, she she also mentors high profile entrepreneurs to aid sustainable wealth and create valuable brands. “My mother is definitely my role model. I have so much respect for her and can’t imagine what it must have been like for her at the age of 38 to take care of my dad who was in declining health, raise a child by herself and manage her own company.”

Although Jasmin refers often to her mother in her book, their relationship grew closer over time. “It is not about having a ‘picture perfect’ relationship. It is about unconditional love and desiring the highest good for all. Mom is a self-made business woman who has sprinkled in love, time and well-being to help other women create the life of their dreams. She is who she is and she loves and accepts herself and others completely.”

Jasmin adds, “My mom is always there when I need her and she lets me spread my wings and go my own way.” Jasmin has already set flight and is taking other female entrepreneurs with her along the way. 

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