The Tenets Of Edelcoin


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The Tenets Of Edelcoin

Article first published in Forbes Monaco September 2022.

A safe harbor powered by the wealth of the Earth.

The financial market and crypto market are facing turbulent yimes in every single aspect.

Uncertainty rises among the market players and particularly among the people and the community who invested their hard-earned savings which is under additional pressure by the actual inflation. The actual world of stablecoins is no exception to that. Expenses of daily living are the major victim of inflation and the community deserves a solution for these crucial market challenges.

We experienced a technical revolution like cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology. They allow us to operate in the digital financial market, no matter if we only do faster transactions, invest or even build own solutions on an open and community-driven infrastructure. Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology are the future. They are the expression of a technology revolution based on distributed ledger technology, similar in nature to the invention of internet, and latest outcome of the digital transformation process. The recent market turbulences unfortunately showed the precariousness still surrounding this market, where unprofessional players and unregulated initiatives haunt investors and worry authorities, and eventually delay the natural progress of evolution, innovation and the benefits to society.

Stablecoins are crucial to the trading of cryptoassets. They also enable the provision of all financial services offered in the “Decentralised Finance” environment (payments, lending, asset management, trading, derivatives). Lastly, they will play a core role in improving on the traditional world of slow, expensive, opaque, and insufficiently inclusive fiat (cross-border) payments. Current players and initiatives have proven ill-suited or opaque and tainted by regulatory and non-compliance issues.

We simply and plainly are on a mission to change all that and provide the economy with a fully compliant, transparent, fully backed and professionally organized, new stablecoin that is also capable to fight the harm of inflation. The new evolution—Edelcoin powered by Swisscows and Edelweiss— is rising to give back what had been lost, a stable project designed to revolutionize the financial world.

EDEL SWISS AG (CEO Andreas Wiebe), a joint venture between two Swiss companies—Swisscows AG and Edelweiss Capital AG has established the new project for the community and the market, that combines the strengths of technological cryptocurrencies with the capabilities of traditional hard assets, the stablecoin project the Edelcoin.

Swisscows AG (founder and CEO Andreas Wiebe) is a market player of high repute with a tremendous international track record, with their irrefutable governance of high security and the highest data protection measures for its users. Services like Swisscows, Teleguard, Swisscows VPN, Swisscows email and Hulbee enterprise search have proven the trust of the market and the community in their entire secure and unique ecosystem of leading software services. With Swisscows the family-friendly web search engine and by the personal efforts of Andreas Wiebe, charity projects for children around the world are supported.

Wiebe, a well-recognized leader in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and data security, decided to grow with his secure ecosystem to the next level and establish the secure and safe ecosystem for the digital financial market. He was often asked to work on projects in the crypto market, and finally this project convinced him, a fully backed Edelcoin that will give the security and trust to the community and cover the needs for the market. The total value of Edelcoin coins will always be tied to the released value plus a significant backup resource base of EDEL SWISS AG. Beside the high expertise of Swisscows, the JV Partner Edelweiss Group AG joined this significant project with their expertise, unique technologies, and own mining operations for sustainable and green exploration of the wealth of the Earth. One of these unique technologies is a resonance impact technology, which enables the separation of the processed rock at the smallest, almost molecular, level and precisely separates via advanced AI software the chemical elements. This technology enables the extraction of “fine” gold and other valuable minerals which usually cannot be extracted by conventional methods in waste rock.

Environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes are undoubtedly an important need of recent times. This need is also fully supported by our equipment and verified as sustainable and eco-friendly.

This technology has also a significant side benefits which can lead to additional business cases in other sectors like the recycling sector.

The unique knowhow of our group of companies and a tremendous resource base, stored in our high security warehouse in Switzerland, fully owned by Edelswiss AG without any third-party rights, coupled with our ideology to create a stable and secure ecosystem, has led to establishing a truly reliable, understandable stable project—the Edelcoin, Andreas Wiebe stated.

We feel that the market and the community is seeking transparency, therefore we decided to have our resources not only verified and approved by independent audit offices, but we will publish continuously to the most sufficient extend the valuation and audit reports to proof to the community and the market the value behind the fully backed Edelcoin.

Wiebe has stated that our continuous growth in our overall mining strategy will secure the stable growth of the Edelcoin project, which has attracted some of the most significant experts in their fields of expertise in the digital industry, to secure highest benefit to the community and to safeguard regulatory certainty. 

Andreas Wiebe and his team and their commitment to value, integrity and technical evolution enables them to create a secure and sustainable ecosystem within transforming markets that will secure the needs of the customer, the community, the market and the environment in a world under progress of digital transformation.

Three pilliars underlying edelcoin cryptocurrency:

1. A technical revolution to the entire community within the ecosystem to secure values and protect from inflation.

2. A technological ecosystem created over decades to protect the users in the age of digital  transformation.

3. Protected by real resources and sustainable earth mining projects to back the value of the Edelcoin.

- Andreas Wiebe, Edel Swiss AG co-founder and CEO.