“The King Of Offset” Lambo NFT Featuring Qandeel And Peggy Gou Races Toward Monte Carlo


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“The King Of Offset” Lambo NFT Featuring Qandeel And Peggy Gou Races Toward Monte Carlo

What do you get when you blend a cutting-edge Saudia Arabian artist and a legendary Italian super-sports car with the world of digital assets and cryptocurrency?  The first ever artist approved NFT paired with a physical asset, a one of kind hand-painted Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. More than a highly collectible digital asset, this NFT comes with the opportunity to do good in an equally creative way using art and blockchain.

Internationally renowned artist Abdullah Qandeel hand-painted the car during a high-octane performance held at the Dubai Opera House featuring DJ sensation Peggy Gou. The result is both a video featuring the car and aspects of the performance being sold as the digital asset “The King of Offset” and a physical asset—the hand-painted Lambo SVJ. Each NFT includes the usage rights to all the artist’s intellectual property associated with it, which means collectors can create and sell additional content and products indefinitely across the metaverse.

Each collector purchasing one of the 111 limited edition NFTs will have 11 Mangrove trees planted in their name and be issued a Carbon Offset Certificate from Mangrove Conservation & Restoration LTD.

An additional 11% donation will be made in the collector’s name to both Mangrove Conservation and Rainforest Partnership, an organization that helps rainforest communities become economically self-sufficient, thereby giving back to the environment and helping people in need.

If Qandeel has anything to say about it, this intersection of art, luxury, digital assets and forward-thinking philanthropy will be the future of NFT collecting. Qandeel’s creative partner, crypto visionary Alex Alexandrov, founder of Velas, a Swiss-based crypto platform owns the SVJ used to create the NFT. This Lamborghini is one of only 900 made by. With a sticker price over $600,000 USD, it’s a bold move sure to fuel the buzz around NFTs that hit fever pitch during Art Basel 2021.

As for the physical SVJ, each of the NFT buyers will have the chance to be gifted the hand-painted super-sports car once total bidding surpasses the $3 million USD target. The winner will be randomly selected from the 111 and announced at the Forbes Monaco 2nd Annual Crypto and Art Gala on March 16, 2022. At least one of the NFTs will be donated to the Forbes Monaco wallet to be auctioned for charity. It seems fitting that the NFT and the SVJ will take center stage in the city where Qandeel first exhibited his art during the 2011 Monte Carlo Grand Prix.

The King of Offset NFT is available now exclusively on VAST.app, the first multi-media NFT marketplace. This unique opportunity, combining art, music, and a live event is a testament to the platform’s assertion that “The Future of NFT-Enhanced Content Is VAST.”


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