The Benefits Of Blockchain In The Educational Sector

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Alexander Belov   Contributor

The Benefits Of Blockchain In The Educational Sector

Over the last 18 months the world has surely changed and we live in uncertain times. More so than ever the advancement of technology and innovation is providing solutions for a better and more secure future.

The unique data storage and processing system allows using the blockchain in those areas of the economy that require exceptional security, stability and transparency. The classic blockchain usage model was limited to the financial industry in 90% of cases. This makes sense, but applying the same benefits to other sectors can lead to excellent results.

A promising direction for the development of blockchain technologies is the education sector. The report "Blockchain in Education" by the European Commission's Joint Research Center provides a detailed breakdown of blockchain in relation to European education. Discussion of this issue at such a high level demonstrates how seriously technology is taken by contemporaries.

No wonder, because the main advantages of blockchain can be of great help to the industry:

  • The information of each blockchain is available to everyone, but it cannot be changed without keys;
  • No need for intermediaries, transactions are verified by network participants;
  • Financial transactions take place directly between the parties, without any regulatory approval.

“We have literally just scratched the surface, Blockchain technology is well and truly becoming recognized as one of the most significant technologies of our time just as the internet was some 20 years ago. It will fundamentally change the world as we know it.”—Luke Arliss and Armon Rabiee from EdgeCoin.

Edgecoin founders Luke Arliss and Armon Rabiee, along with a dynamic forward thinking professional team of groundbreaking innovators, are totally committed to improving the lives of ordinary hard-working people by providing a solution to empower them to have more control over their hard-earned money. This will enable them to utilize their money to its fullest potential.

Edgecoin is a payment solution designed primarily for the education sector. Using the latest advancements in blockchain technology with all its advantages of increased security and amazing processing speed. It is a solution to a long-standing problem that has plagued the education sector.

Edgecoin in simple terms cuts out the bureaucracy and red tape imposed by the traditional banking institutions. It eliminates the extortionary charges and unavoidable delays associated with conventional form of payments that we accept as normal devised by the traditional banking system.

Edgecoin eliminates all this in addition to providing a more secure and safe way to carry out these transactions in real time. Payments and transactions are concluded in seconds, something that traditional banking and financial institutions are not able to achieve as they are still vested and rely on using antiquated systems that are quote simply not suitable for the modern world in which we live in today.

For students and those responsible for paying fees this means lower costs and instant safe secure payments. Giving them complete control of their money means no more hold ups and delays that result in disruption and late payment fines and a whole array of other issues that they are currently experiencing. Edgecoin provides a peace of mind and a more and efficient transition into higher education, with the safe knowledge that this is a trusted form of payment welcomed by an ever-growing number of universities and higher education establishments around the world.

For universities it gives the reassurance of instant payments and the knowledge that it is a stable form of currency that they are able to utilize immediately or at any time they wish, which in turn gives them confidence to carry out their primary purpose and objective which is to provide excellent education.

Today the demand for such tools is very high. The coronavirus pandemic and global isolation have once again reminded people of the benefits and potential of digital technology, including the convenient and popular blockchain. In the near future, the rise of this technology to the educational sector will only grow, and it is necessary to prepare in advance for such a transition.


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Alexander Belov   Contributor

Alexander Belov is a writer specialized in Blockchain and decentralized finance field. In 2020 he was included in the list of the top 30 most Influential People In Blockchain Industry by Hackernoon.