TedXMonteCarloSalon Is Back Wednesday With 'Monaco And The Economy'

TedXMonteCarloSalon virtual session

It’s on everyone’s mind: the economy. Tonight at 7 p.m. on Monaco Info, minister of state Serge Telle, alongside his peers, including minister of finance and economy, Jean Castellini, will be detailing Monaco’s first phase of deconfinement, which is expected to authorize most commercial businesses—including hairdressers and estheticians— to reopen from May 4 with strict health measures.

This is ideal timing for TEDxMonteCarloSalon, whose virtual session tomorrow will be addressing the subject “Our Economy” with expert panelists Anthony Torriani, managing director of Monaco Asset Management and Justin Highman, deputy CEO of the Monaco Economic Board. 

Kory Tarpenning, the man behind Monaco's Starbucks, Nike and the Rossano Ferretti Hair Salon next to the Hotel de Paris, will also be joining the discussion to shed light on reopening his businesses from May 4 as outlined by the government's Stop And Go desconfinement plan.

“There are three words to that come to mind when I think of the world economy,” Anthony Torriani, whose company in Monaco employs 25 and manages $3.165 billion of assets, tells Forbes Monaco. “Unprecedented, as to the economic decline and the policy response; Disruptive, in terms of supply and demand shocks and long-term changes to consumer behavior; and Unpredictable—there are so many moving parts here that will have unexpected consequences, good and bad.”

"Our Economy" will be the third hour-long virtual TEDxMonteCarloSalon held during lockdown, with previous topics covering "Community & Wellbeing" and 'Education in a World of Confinement." Wednesday’s discussion begins at 4:30 p.m. and it’s free to register.

Nazanine Matin, TEDxMonteCarlo licensee & curator, says, “We wanted to keep our community engaged and informed with updates from local experts that would be useful to them during this period of confinement.”

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The response has been "tremendous" so far. “I’m very pleased with the attendance and audience engagement. We have received a lot of follow-up messages saying these virtual sessions are ‘exactly what our community needs.’ ”

It was in 2016 that Matin first brought the TEDx franchise to Monaco with an event at the Grimaldi Forum under the theme “[r]EVOLUTION, The Speed Of Innovation That Surrounds Us Today.”

Since then, TEDxMonteCarlo has hosted a second all-day conference “License to Know” in 2017, as well as a selection of smaller Salon formats on various topics like “Our Environment: New Citizens of Planet Earth” and “Disruption in Creative Arts.”

The last TEDxMonteCarloSalon “Laughter” was scheduled for March 10, nine days before confinement measures were announced in the Principality.

“Postponing was a tough decision but it was the right one,” shares Matin. “It was sad because the team worked so hard in preparing the event but the safety was a priority for us as we were expecting around 100 attendees. It will happen once it’s safer to gather together.”