Tech Giants Agree: Stephen Dalby’s Gabb Wireless Is The Future Of Children’s Smartphones


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Tech Giants Agree: Stephen Dalby’s Gabb Wireless Is The Future Of Children’s Smartphones

Despite huge leaps forward in integrating technology into society’s daily life over the past decades, a number of the world’s foremost inventors and innovators of our time agree: cell phones are bad for our children. From Apple CEO Tim Cook refusing to allow his nephew access to social media, to the man behind Microsoft Bill Gates not giving his own children a cell phone until they entered high school, the most prominent minds of the 21st century have reached a consensus that the very technology they helped create has adverse effects on younger generations. Looking to bridge this gap, entrepreneur and Palo Alto dad Stephen Dalby’s buzzy children’s phone network Gabb Wireless dedicated itself to getting kids away from screens and back outdoors, all while providing parents round-the-clock contact with their children through its distraction-free devices.

As investigations have revealed that popular applications like TikTok regularly expose children to dangerous media like pornography and sex shops -- something only bolstered by its rigorous algorithm -- it has become simultaneously more important and harder than ever to keep kids away from potentially harmful content. Across the US, there has been a noticeable spike in eating disorders among young girls with TikTok and other social media apps to take the blame. Still, with a need to stay in close communication with their offspring, what is a parent to do about the cell phone conundrum? 

“It’s really one of the most complicated purchases that a parent makes,” said Dalby. “You want to be able to communicate with your child, but there are so many risks and dangers today that come along with the technology.” 

Armed with a solution in hand, Dalby’s Gabb Wireless offers a range of both affordable phone plans and devices, creating the ideal first device to give to children. Stephen’s innovative Gabb Phone Z2 features full touch screen capabilities, as well as unlimited calling and texting, giving kids a way to communicate with their families in style. The plus side for parents’ peace of mind is the absence of distractions like games and social media or any access to harmful content on the internet.

“Kids are happier when they are out playing with friends, developing talents, and connecting with humans, not sitting alone in a locked room, swiping a screen,” said Dalby.

Gabb Wireless' newest product only bolsters this idea, as the June 2021 launch of the Gabb Watch provides kids with an easy form of communication with their parents right from the wrist that doesn’t get lost during playtime. Kids of all ages can benefit from the GPS-infused device, with the capability of getting in touch with their guardians and a specially chosen contact list, whether at school or in the middle of sports’ practice.

While Gates and Cooks’ devices are undeniably ubiquitous throughout the country’s adult population, Dalby looks to bring his innovative and thoughtfully designed products to the same level of commonality to their kids, bringing forth a better future for parents and their children alike.


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