Street Runner Gears Up to Slingshot the Competition of NFT Metaverse Racing


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Street Runner Gears Up to Slingshot the Competition of NFT Metaverse Racing

In our 21st century world of rapid technological advances the renaissance of online video gaming is pushing the boundaries of what is possible further than ever before. Virtual Reality, 3D graphics, and now, blockchain are all major catalysts for game developers driving the next generation of gameplay. With a compound annual growth rate of over 9%, the USD 173 billion global gaming market is expected to nearly double by 2026.

Inspired by the popular Need for Speed racing game and the Fast and Furious film series, Street Runner enters the competition as an open world street racing metaverse using a decentralized Play to Earn (PTE) design. Although currently in pre-alpha, Street Runner is leading the racing revival with cutting-edge technology on Unreal Engine 5 and plans to launch some very sexy products to add to this unique genre of NFT metaverse racing.

There are several ways to PTE. Players can race circuits with increasing difficulty—the higher levels yielding the potential for higher rewards—and compete in 2v2 and 4v4 tournaments. For those who want to get their Dominic Toretto on, “Escape Police” is a mode in which players race against the clock to evade police. If you’d rather try to catch the bad guys, you can play as the police to catch opponents.

“Team Owner” mode provides the perfect opportunity to partner and create a team. “Owners” invest in NFT cars and upgrades while “Runners” race those vehicles, creating the opportunity to earn passive income and satisfy those looking to PTE.

Use SRP tokens to get the perfect garage, to store and pimp your ride, whether you have just one customized car or an entire fleet. While the marketplace to buy all the gear to soup up vehicles is underdevelopment, you’ll be able to find everything you need and more.  Finally, players and community members can bet on races by backing themselves or other players with SRP tokens or NFTs and earn rewards based on race rankings.

The key difference between Street Runner and traditional games is the economic design of the blockchain enabling players to reap rewards with real monetary value for their contributions to the ecosystem.  Classification prizes and SRP tokens can be earned through all styles of gameplay, except free mode. To avoid deflation of the game over time, Street Runner uses a liquidity and distribution system that is separate from the main game network along with Smart Contracts, all described in their whitepaper.

Street Runner’s team envisions a metaverse for players to interact in multiple ways: competition, buying and selling in the marketplace and customization of avatars, cars, and garages. Their partnership with DAO Maker, use of cutting-edge technology, advanced graphics, game options and customization beyond the standard competitive sprints and circuits makes it a benchmark for the industry.

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