Social Reign Partners With LVMH To Create Today’s Biggest Instagram Events


Thomas Herd   Brand Contributor

Social Reign Partners With LVMH To Create Today’s Biggest Instagram Events

The digital revolution has surpassed what anyone ever imagined. From the astronomical rise of digital technology, from things like cell phones to the way we manage money, our everyday lives are now primarily digitally-focused. Digital currency even spans beyond things like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; social media following is a form of currency now, too. If a creator has a strong following and high engagement, that will translate into cold, hard cash. The strategy for growing a social media empire continues to evolve as Instagram constantly updates their algorithm, however, Social Reign is the top social growth company on the market and is responsible for helping clients organically grow their numbers.

Social Reign’s growth strategy focuses on carefully curating Instagram giveaways that have helped clients gain over 60,000 new followers in some cases. The company utilizes their connections with top celebrities and influencers to promote the giveaways that involve luxurious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Chanel. In addition to the luxury items, some giveaways include paid accommodations at high-end hotels. For users interested in entering the giveaways, they must follow a list of accounts promoted by these celebrities and influencers whose accounts often have millions of followers each.

Due to the authenticity of the engagement and followers that come from the giveaways, Social Reign’s clients avoid the risk of bots or fake accounts. The company guarantees at least 20,000 new followers per giveaway or the client is completely reimbursed. Social Reign is currently the top social growth company in the U.K. and is expanding to the United Arab Emirates and United States later this year.

Social media has never been more important, and Social Reign’s model is the best one out there for enhancing following and contributing to one’s overall successes.


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