Royal Rabbits Club Emerges In The Metaverse

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Royal Rabbits Club Emerges In The Metaverse

The world of wealth and luxury has accepted the NFT market proudly as they bare enormous returns for investors. and now introducing the newest digital asset to the cutting edge marketplace, Royal Rabbits Club is a new generation of digital artwork looking to bring eccentric characteristics to the metaverse and continue to give even more value to investors. RoyalRabbitsClub is a collection of 7,777 Nfts and with pride can declare that they will be the first NFT project that will be paying 100% of the royalties to the community of Royal Rabbit Club holders. Owning a Royal Rabbits Club NFT will give you access to an exclusive play-to-earn game in the web 3.0 community, access to exclusive information, networking events, online masterminds, and so much more. As well, Royal Rabbits Club currently owns land in The Sandbox Game in the metaverse, so by buying Royal Rabbits Club NFT you will also co-own this  land. This is a huge benefit given that the price of land in The Sand Box is going up exponentially everyday. 

The group is currently developing a Royal Rabbits Club Game and Royal Rabbits Club Virtual Art Gallery that will all be available in web 3.0. The game will be live in 2022 and designed so that players will be able to earn carrot coin, that in return will be able to be traded for Ethereum to benefit players. The art gallery will be a unique place where the community can meet, host exclusive events, showcase NFT’s and more. Further adding to the list of benefits and utility, the collection also provides an exclusive whitelist for only 650 people who will receive 50% of the royalties. Being a part of the Royal Rabbits Club involves a brand new and exclusive NFT marketplace royalty payment system that was designed to benefit all holders. 

The VIP Mint date is set for January 31st, 2022 and you do not want to miss it. Following that will be the whitelist mint on February 1st, 2022 and then will be publicly be for sale on February 2nd, 2022. For VIP Carrot Whitelist members, Royal Rabbits Club NFT’s will be available for 0.2 ETH + GAS, Carrot whitelist members for 0.3 ETH + GAS and will mint for 0.4 ETH + GAS. Royal Rabbits NFT can be bought with Ethereum through wallets such as Metamask and bought using a ledger. Royal Rabbits Club is looking to bring distinct new experiences to the marketplace and provide holders with tremendous amounts of valve for being a part of the community. Their web 3.0 game and virtual art gallery will be a top tier introduction to the metaverse and will be a great way to interact with other holders to find out how to continue to receive benefits. Royal Rabbits Club is committed to pioneering this new space boldly and you can receive more details about their collection before it’s sold out by joining their discord or follow them on instagram @royalrabbitsclub.


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