Rita Lowery Of RITAHAIR Shares Her Secrets To Running A Successful Business

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Rita Lowery Of RITAHAIR Shares Her Secrets To Running A Successful Business

As the owner of RITAHAIR, a luxury hair extension line with a client list that includes A-list celebrities and Hollywood stars, Rita Lowery has seen her fair share of obstacles. The road to owning a successful business is never a straight one, and Lowery has navigated the twists and turns along the way to grow a brand that is now trusted and celebrated across the country. 

Now, she is sharing her story with other aspiring business owners in the hope that they will be inspired to continue on their journey to reach their dreams. 

Launching a new business is not easy, but for Lowery, it was particularly challenging. Entering the hair extension industry can be filled with unexpected hurdles – but even at the beginning of her journey, Lowery knew one thing: She would never settle for anything less than the very best.

“To launch the business, I was testing about 20 different collectors for my hair,” Lowery explains. “I was getting so much hair that I was just testing on myself for one year – I was washing and drying and coloring and blow drying, spending so much money, just to study and understand the quality that I wanted.”

Her intense trial period paid off when she finally found a qualified hair collector who understood and appreciated quality as much as she did. Still, there was much to accomplish to meet Lowery’s exacting standards. 

“He would send me color samples, and I would have to redo them and send them back,” Lowery says. “He would send me new ones, and they were wrong again, so you end up getting no sleep, you’re always working and talking to these people, and it’s really a tough start. But I wanted quality and consistency.”

For new entrepreneurs just starting out, it is essential to have a specific vision for your business, Lowery says. And once you have that vision, you should never compromise simply to make it easier on yourself. 

“You can order bulk hair from anywhere and put your name on it,” Lower says. “That’s not what I wanted. I really wanted RITAHAIR to be a standout.”

Because of her commitment to only the highest quality, handmade hair extension products, Lowery has gained a reputation within the industry for having the best hair. It is a reputation that has landed her clients from everywhere, including celebrities who use her hair for magazine cover shoots and other high-profile appearances.

For Lowery, although she loves to see her work celebrated by her clients, it is about more than just recognition. If she puts her name on a product, she will not be satisfied unless she is giving her clients the very best experience.

“I have been doing extensions for 22 years,” Lowery says. “There is no way I would want even one person to say this hair is tangling, or a person to say, this hair is not drying correctly. I don’t want one stylist to say that they can’t curl it.”

It has been a journey of many years, many trials and setbacks, and considerable expense (by her estimation, she has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into her business). But in the end, Lowery says, it is worth it to know that she is doing what she loves, helping other people, and reaching her dreams.

“It is really cool how it all came together,” Lowery says. “I did it without PR or anything like that. I did it on my own.”


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