Revolutionizing The GameFi Industry & Facilitating The Mass Adoption Of Crypto

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Dustin Plantholt   Editor

Revolutionizing The GameFi Industry & Facilitating The Mass Adoption Of Crypto

Launched in February 2021, is the world’s first hyper-casual gaming platform and internationally validated play-to-earn social gaming platform where users compete in skill-based tournaments in highly engaging online games to win crypto rewards in $WAM and NFTs. Users participate using their mobile phones & preferred browser, or through the available on the App Store and Google Play.

The current selection of games available through the are all straightforward and fun and do not require one to be a hardcore gamer to earn money. Presently, holds the top position on the App Store in several markets and was a finalist in the Best Innovation category at the Mobile Games Awards 2021.

A distinct feature of is WAM2EARN, which incorporates many innovative features:

● Play-to-earn: participate in tournaments to win rewards in WAM coins

● Develop-to-earn: create your own games using AI-assisted technology

● Own-to-earn: own games and tournaments as NFTs to get recurring revenue

● Promote-to-earn: grow a following by hosting and promoting tournaments

$WAM Coin—the one and only cryptocurrency on

$WAM is the official and only cryptocurrency on It was first launched on DAO Maker—the go-to crypto venture investment platform—with 28.9 million DAO staked (equivalent to $135,252,000 at the time of sale), and on GameFi—an all encompassing hub for game finance—with 310,000 GAFI staked (equivalent to $47,600,000 at the time of sale). And recently $WAM is live on (CEX) and Pancakeswap (DEX).

Utility of $WAM

An added value of is the utility of $WAM—and it comes in many forms:

1. To join the tournaments, one needs to have WAM Coins. As they play and advance on the leaderboard, they win more $WAM from the tournament prize pool.

2. To create private tournaments to host special events for one’s followers (if one is an influencer for example), they also will require owning $WAM. The creator will get a percentage of the tournament reward pool.

3. Soon, NFT passes will be available on for special tournaments where the reward pool is guaranteed by the platform. To join the tournament, one will require an NFT pass. These NFTs can be earned as rewards for achieving superior results, or they can be purchased with $WAM from the platform’s marketplace.

4. A third-party developer program where individuals who own $WAM can invest in a multitude of games that developers aspire to build in order to receive a percentage from the reward pools of the tournaments created with the game.

Meet the creators and ... what comes next? was built by an international team of experienced individuals in game publishing, marketing, community management, and business development. Daniel Tamas, CEO & Founder of possesses 15+ years of experience in gaming, publishing, and entrepreneurial spheres. Since 2007 he and his team have created more than 4,000 viral online games that reached more than 3 billion players worldwide. Alex Rus, CBO & Co-Founder of has a strong background in social media publishing, business development, and portfolio management of privately held companies in the tech, hospitality, and investment sectors.

The team is diligently working to implement new and exciting features on its platform, with the following expected in the near future:

● Migration to a blockchain-compatible version where players are able to earn and use WAM Coins;

● Implementation of a Discovery section where additional public & private tournaments can be found, where one can follow other players, and where one can meet new people;

● Infrastructure upgrades for backend services;

● Launch of the resourceful NFTs Marketplace. is accessible via this link or by downloading the from Google Play or the App Store. With an app rating of 4.7, is highly-rated and admired by countless users—with a total of over 3.5 million users in 2021 and over 200,000 app installs to date.

It’s exciting to see how what lies ahead for, how it will evolve, and what new milestones their team will achieve. In the meantime, follow them closely on their channels and expect to see and $WAM Coin reach their goal of ‘mass adoption’ very soon.

To learn more about, visit their website or follow them on Twitter at @wamcoin


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Dustin Plantholt   Editor