Public Health Emergency Declared In France Sunday

Police France

Photo: Kristoffer Trolle Flickr

As the number of coronavirus deaths in France top 500, French parliament passed an emergency bill Sunday morning bestowing the government special powers during the health crisis.

The National Assembly in a select committee has voted for legislation that could further "restrict freedom of movement and requisition goods and services over a period of two months." It also gives the government the authority “to requisition any goods or services, include taxis to transport hospital staff” to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Prime Minister now has the power to immediately put into practice a set of restrictive measures that apply throughout the country, including harsher penalties.

Currently, there is a €135 minimum fine for breaking home confinement rules but any offence repeated within 15 days will face a €1,500 penalty, and “four violations within 30 days” will be "punishable by a fine of €3,700 and up to six months in prison.”

France reported 112 more Covid-19 deaths, taking the overall to 562, with 14,459 confirmed cases.

There are now 14,457 deaths worldwide, nearly the same amount of people who died in France in the summer of 2003, when 14,800 perished to heat-related causes as a heat wave swept across Europe