Protecting Your Business From Online Threats In 2022 - Exclusive with Canada’s #1 Cybersecurity Expert Darren Coleman


Saqib Malik   Brand Contributor

Protecting Your Business From Online Threats In 2022 - Exclusive with Canada’s #1 Cybersecurity Expert Darren Coleman

In the digital era, data is valuable, and certain entities will conduct all sorts of nefarious deeds to steal your data. Every minute of downtime costs your business money - from delayed deal closures, to wasted resources parked on the bench until they can access the system and work effectively - all these factors impact your profitability.

That's why cybersecurity as an industry has had a meteoric rise in relevance, and why effective cybersecurity practices are essential to learn and teach to your team when running a business.

Ransomware attacks and data breaches have become so commonplace that there are now even insurance options to help compensate your business after suffering a ransomware attack. Canada’s #1 cybersecurity expert, Darren Coleman has spent countless hours spreading awareness on the threats lurking deep within the internet, advising companies on how best to keep their sensitive information safe. Darren's dedication to cybersecurity has seen him become a bestselling co-author of the books "Easy Prey" and the Canadian "IT Playbook", along with sharing his expertise publicly on ABC's The Morning Blend, Business Innovators Radio and at the Harvard Faculty Club as a featured speaker for their Business Expert Forum.

Continuing his mission to spread cybersecurity awareness and increase the global knowledge base, Darren has shared his essential cybersecurity tips for business owners:

Regularly update your devices

When you're trying to minimize your risk of a data breach, making sure all your software and hardware is running the latest updates is step 1. The latest updates come with all the top security patches, making it harder for foes to exploit your system.

Secure your internet

Running a VPN is an essential security tool in 2022. These programs protect your online identity by scrambling your IP address and/or encrypting your data. Especially when you're out and about, I'd recommend against using public Wi-Fi unless you're backed up by a VPN, otherwise use your mobile internet hotspot instead.

For the love of Passwords!

You'd be surprised as to how many security breaches involve a weak password. So many people use the same password for many of their accounts, and oftentimes the answers to password reset questions are publicly available information. This means that all it takes is one account to be compromised for you to potentially lose everything! Use unique, complex passwords to have the best protection, and if that's too much to keep track of, consider getting an encrypted password manager app, which will do the heavy lifting for you while keeping you safe.

Two-Factor Authentication

Another essential step for locking down your critical systems; Two-Factor Authentication requires a second input usually from your physical device, greatly minimizing the opportunity for third parties to interfere. It might be a little more involved than just slapping in your password, but it's one of the best security measures you can take.

Social Engineering

This one isn't strictly tech-related but very prevalent, and involves people using a combination of technology and psychology to trick you into giving away vital information. Hackers can impersonate figures of authority or service providers, and present themselves credibly in order to get you to let your guard down. It's important to be mindful of the method of communication these institutions use to contact you and double check that their contact info and presentation is correct.

Ensuring your team is up to date with these cybersecurity practices will greatly minimize your risk of a security breach and keep you happily doing the things you do best

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