Prince Albert Gets Clean Bill Of Health After Coronavirus

Prince Albert

Phoot: G. Luci/Palais Princier

Prince Albert is no longer in quarantine after he was confirmed to have coronavirus on March 19.

A press release stated that the Sovereign’s doctors have given him a clean bill of health and that he will soon reunite with his family. Like the rest of the country, the Prince will continue to respect the confinement period as he stays in close contact with his government.

In a rare call for unity, Prince Albert issued a separate press release this afternoon with a very clear message to the National Council “to demonstrate genuine solidarity with his government by measuring their words and avoiding any inappropriate escalation.”

For several days, mostly through social media and to the local press, the National Council has been increasing pressure on the government, accusing it of not doing enough.

“Such an attitude can only create confusion and doubt in public opinion about government action,” the statement read, adding “His government and State Services are managing this health crisis effectively, anticipating the daily development of the situation with only one concern, that of preserving the health of the population.

“The gravity of the situation requires restraint and cohesion, where political ambitions have no place.”