Patients In Monaco Test Negative For Coronavirus

Patients In Monaco Test Negative For Coronavirus

UPDATE: On Friday, February 28, the first case of coronavirus in the Alpes-Maritimes department was confirmed. A 23-year-old female from Cannes tested positive for Covid-19 at the Nice University Hospital. The student had just returned from the Milan region where she is studying.

On Tuesday February 25,  the government confirmed that the two patients hospitalized yesterday afternoon at the Princess Grace Hospital Center in Monaco have tested negative for COVID 19.

The Department of Social Affairs and Health had been swiftly informed that samples taken from the two women treated on Monday were analyzed for the coronavirus by the Assistance Publique/Hopitaux de Marseille (AP-HM) and came back negative. 

The minister of social affairs and health, Didier Gamerdigner, assured yesterday that the hospital does have a dedicated space to receive and treat a coronavirus patient if necessary,

One of the women admitted yesterday was Italian. There are 8,172 Italian resident in Monaco, making up 13.8% of the population. And with 4,222 empolyees (8.3% of Monaco's workforce) in the private sector living in Italy, where the biggest outbreak of the virus in Europe has been reported, today’s news has alarmed residents.