Opt Health Takes Preventative Approach Towards Men’s Health


Thomas Herd   Brand Contributor

Opt Health Takes Preventative Approach Towards Men’s Health

Most men seek healthcare in reaction to a major health issue that has manifested in some unpleasant form. This is also, unfortunately, the most common trigger for men subscribing to telehealth services as well.

As a result, most physicians and, more importantly, their patients, are already behind the ball when it comes to taking action.

In an effort to incite a broad transformative shift in men’s health, the new online men’s health platform Opt Health is driving a new discourse forward, specifically about how men should take preemptive action to prevent the most common ailments impacting them today in middle age.

Co-founded by Dr. John Tidwell and Camilo Isaza, Opt Health is a platform that puts a man’s health and wellness at his fingertips, enabling him to access personalized health scores, engage in HIPAA-compliant video consults, message with treatment teams, view results from recent blood work, train with a health coaching program and more.

As a result, Opt Health users are better informed of their current state of well-being and can react early to any warning sign or symptom before they turn into a major health issue.


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Thomas Herd   Contributor

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