Nesrin Sanad: "Once You Are Happy, You Can Achieve Anything, Including Success Starting From Scratch Again." 

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Maria Grazhina Chaplin   Contributor

Nesrin Sanad:

Nesrin Sanad is an Egyptian-born model, actress, a fine arts graduate with courses in law, insurance, first aid, VIP hospitality, and decorum. She is an Influencer who wants to make a mark in the industry through her acting skills by working on projects that aim at bringing positive change to society. She wishes to motivate and inspire people to live more fulfilling life and use her roles in the movies as a medium to make an impact in the lives of her audience. Through her journey, Nesrin Sanad wants to educate people that nothing is impossible to achieve in life with consistency and hard work. 

 Do you remember when you decided to start your social media account? Was it aimed for your private usage, or have you planned to blog? 

I remember it clearly. It all started in a cafe in Dubai after returning from a work trip when a friend of mine told me over a cup of coffee and a catch-up about this new app, Instagram, and how I should totally join since I travel a lot, and have an eye for patterns, colors, see life in every corner and how passionate I am about photography and digital art. I intend to share with others my preservative and how I see the world. 

 What inspires you for your posts? 

Life. Places I see, quotes that add to my wisdom, music that makes me feel, the style I admire, animals I love, food I crave, and fashion that I like. Every detail adds up, for example, focusing on making my inner self beautiful because it reflects the most on the outside, being proud of who I am, being grateful, putting effort into what drives my passion, and turning it into a trade. And listening to my inner voice, whenever I feel something requires improvement, whether it is sentimental, educational, knowledge related, or even physical, I don't hesitate to work on it for the better, making all that my inspiration not only to create my posts but how I live and share my life. 

 How do you manage to be sincere with your audience, and are there any spheres of your life that you prefer not to show? 

Given the position where I am today, it is my responsibility to keep it real. I believe the key to their constant support is being sincere, and I would like the conveyed message to inspire my followers to be the best version of themselves. Some sad moments are kept private because of my strong belief in spreading only positive energy with my audience. I love to inspire, motivate and give each one of them a cheerful ray of sun and happiness unless I see that some sad moments will add a learning experience that will benefit them or if I am seeking their opinion on a matter that will add to them then I wouldn't hesitate to share.  

How to learn to be open with a million audience? How to deal with hate, and is it worth it? 

Our natural proclivity towards honesty is a part of the fundamentals of human nature. Being open and honest all the time comes by default, and now, if some choose differently, then they must correct it. I have learned that kindness is the best way to deal with hate and jealousy, but if there are no other means, then negligence is the last resort. 

 How much time does your Influencer activity take you? And how long does it take to create content? 

It all depends on the content itself and what's involved, sometimes ten minutes, sometimes a couple of hours. One thing I would like to highlight is that I always put in my heart and effort because I find pleasure in the hard work I put in. Remember that nothing easy is joyful or everlasting. 

What programs do you use while working on your blog? Can you recommend some tips for bloggers who are beginners? 

Instagram is currently so developed and combines the majority of apps in one, making it easy and not to shift from one app to another. Therefore I now use Instagram only since its features are limitless. 

Do you style your blogger looks by yourself, or do you have a professional stylist? 

Starting as a model fifteen years ago helped me a lot to develop my sense of style, so yes, most of the time, I style myself unless it is a red carpet event. I seek my fellow designers' and stylists' advice. 

Do you feel your Internet popularity in real life? Do people recognize you on the streets? 

Yes and no, depending on which country I am in. Usually, I feel it the most back home in Dubai. Sometimes I get surprised by someone calling my name or asking for a photo in Europe, and it makes me happy that slowly but steadily, the world is getting to know me better each day.

What was the most unusual offer to you that advertisers made? 

There were a few odd ones: to compete by pulling a rope against a lion in a private zoo, which I politely declined. And swimming in the open sea during winter for a campaign which I actually did as a model. 

What kind of offers do you usually reject? 

I believe in the common good, kindness, support, and humbleness. Anything that goes against my belief, personal morals, and ethics or causes harm to the environment or any living soul is a no-go. 

 Could you please comment on the following statement: the bloggers' credibility has dramatically dropped in recent times since 80% of them have fake followers, and all quality-defining programs are very easily cheatable. And it is the reason why a lot of big brands are back to old advertising methods, which reach is countable. 

Indeed there are some that spoiled the game for everyone by using cheat tools, but it doesn't mean that all are cheating. There are more influencers, actors, singers, celebrities, etc., that are legit and working hard to maintain it that way. The amount of followers and activity on a celebrities' channel shouldn't be the cutting edge for an advertisement campaign because even the most well-known ones are using bots, hence why the easiest and best way to measure the real reach is by using affiliation and discount codes that are related to that particular celebrity by using their name on the links and the codes. This way, you can see who is actually attracting clients to the brands and increasing their reach through their channels.  

What do you consider the blogger's peak of success? 

Success is when my audience seeks my advice in any sphere when they ask how to do something, how to achieve something, where to go, and what to purchase. This is where I feel most fruitful to them, and it's a mission accomplished. When this is achieved, remember to continue to lead with grace and kindness since it is a human asset, and have fun! 

Do you think bloggers are trendsetters nowadays? Can they be considered A-list celebrities? 

It all comes down to the content they share, as it can make a person succeed or fail completely, whether an A-list celebrity or not.

Whom are you following? Whom do you consider fascinating bloggers now? 

Family, friends, and people keep my mind sharp and soul enlightened and put a smile on my face. As for fascinating bloggers, there are way too many to name only one.  

Which famous blogger would you like to collaborate with? 

The list is too long that it won't be fair just to mention one. I rather highlight the qualities and traits of the influencers and celebrities that are extremely appealing and make me want to collaborate with them: honesty, being talented, strong values, encouragement, hard-working, good ethics, kindness, humility, generosity, and not to forget the sense of humor.  

What is your biggest, most proud accomplishment online or offline in the past year? 

Making the decision to move countries in less than a week without any plans, I even shocked myself since I moved for love leaving behind my friends, my home, the base where I started and grew my online platform, and the majority of my modeling and acting clients. I realized that sometimes following your heart is the key to true happiness, and once you are happy, you can achieve anything, including success starting from scratch again. 

 What is your "next big move" on or off social media in 2022 that your followers should be most excited about? 

I am restarting my acting career. More to share in the next few months. 

What was the moment/story when you realized, "wow, I am an Influencer now!" How do you feel about the term's evolution in recent years? 

Influencer definition is when you influence others positively. Therefore the "Wow" factor comes once that is achieved. If the influencer title comes without a duty, it isn't very meaningful. It is very important to know that maintaining an image or status is much more important and challenging than obtaining it. 

 Two years into the global pandemic, how has your content creation adapted, evolved, and changed in response to the New Normal? 

People were exhausted by the pandemic, so keeping my content filled with hope, simple yet inspiring, and realistic to the event was helping, even helping me grow closer to my followers. We started with a couple of my influencers' friends' group chats, organized covid safe gatherings, online charitable events, and lots of pandemic-related giveaways, even as little as online entertainment by singing or playing an instrument just to cheer up everyone, including ourselves. We all came out of it closer, more appreciative, and more mature. 

What is the ratio of tech know-how, business savvy, creative spark, and luck in maintaining and growing a digital audience? 

All of the above help hand in hand, and definitely, if two or more come together, they lead to further success and progress; however, it is not the rule because sometimes it takes even one of them on its own to succeed. 

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Maria Grazhina Chaplin   Contributor

Mariia Grazhina Chaplin is a 20-years experienced journalist, founder of City Life Media Group, and founder and CEO of the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards.