Neivis Paulino's Inspiring Story of Pursuing Her Passions with God as Her Driving Force


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Neivis Paulino's Inspiring Story of Pursuing Her Passions with God as Her Driving Force

Neivis Paulino is a woman on a mission. A self-proclaimed serial business owner, passionate about helping other women entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. “I always loved helping people and I can do this freely as an entrepreneur”, says Neivis. “But my love for God has been the driving force behind my success.” 

Neivis has always been a big believer in the Lord and His good works. She believes there's a power much greater than us who runs this world, so we need to trust in His divine plans. When we do good things, the same gravitates towards us because we reap what we sow. 

She is the founder of Galilee Life, which was established in the year 2018, with an aim to create a genuine connection in the business world. The company is an e-commerce multi-vendor platform that aids in people reaching their full potential with the power of the right guidance and proper tools.

This company's ideology centers around a God above all other entities in this world. Neivis Paulino founded Galilee Life when she realized that people needed something genuine in their business. It was very clear that people needed to keep God as a part of their business. However, some would say that the two can't coexist. This is simply a myth. Neivis Paulino, the founder of the company, wanted to emphasize that no business can be started without consulting the Almighty. No decisions can be taken without praying to God and without being led by Him. It takes an unyielding sense of faith to continue working as an entrepreneur when an impending crisis strikes in the world of business.

Neivis Paulino is a serial entrepreneur with a few E-Commerce businesses under her belt, but as the founder of Galilee Life, she is able to provide resources and support for women entrepreneurs. She is also a passionate advocate for women in business, as she believes that more women need to be encouraged to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. “I am not an exception”, says Neivis. 

Neivis Paulino is a wife and a mom of two beautiful girls. As a Christian believer, she is sure that her relationship with God empowers her and provides her all the strength and deep love for herself. She is a Health Care Administration Graduate, and an entrepreneur. 

In her ambition to create an inspiring unified community of makers, resellers, digital artists, and business service owners, she envisions not only living financially free, but also fulfilling emotional and spiritual gaps through Jesus to help others reach their dreams. She is aware that money is a key ingredient in attaining a financially free life, but when there is community and family around to cheer her on, there is greater certainty in the potential of making her own dreams come true.

Neivis has committed to serving God through empowering others and building a supportive community while helping them build their businesses. She firmly believes that through her story, there’s hope that anyone can do whatever they put their minds to. After some abrupt changes in her life a few years ago, the stress level for her and her family had escalated significantly.  So instead of trying to make it on what little income she had coming in, she went back to school so that she could increase her qualifications to earn more money for her family. The next few years were not easy: Trying to balance work, school, Galilee Life, and taking care of children became more challenging every day. But through faith and diligence everything eventually turned out alright!

In today's society, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget what we're passionate about. For Neivis Paulino, her love for God led her to pursue her passions to become a serial business owner.


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