Monaco’s Fight Against Corruption: ‘Insufficient Progress’ Says COE

Monaco’s Fight Against Corruption: ‘Insufficient Progress’ Says COE

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According to a report published on Monday by GRECO, the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body, Monaco has fallen short in implementing recommendations on how to prevent corruption among parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors.

The Council of Europe (COE) said in a press release that it “regrets the low level of implementation of its recommendations (two out of sixteen).”

As part of its 4th round of evaluations, the anti-corruption body encourages the Principality to translate their intentions to “prepare a Code of Conduct for parliamentarians, to strengthen the National Council’s rules of procedure to extend the range of sanctions that can be applied for misconduct by parliamentarians and to train them” into reality.

As to judges and prosecutors, GRECO encourages Monaco authorities to draw practical conclusions from the current census of the incompatibilities and parallel activities within the courts and prosecution services.

It wans't all bad news. The publication did highlight progresses, including new legislation organizing the Supreme Court and the adoption of a Charter of Conduct for its members, as well as the adoption of a Compendium of ethical and deontological principles for judges and prosecutors.

Monaco has been given another deadline, December 31, 2020 to submit a status report on the implementation of these recommendations.