Monaco Minister Of State Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Serge Telle Minister of State

Miniseter of State, Serge Telle, has tested positive for coronavirus.  Photo:  Manuel Vitali/Communication Department

As Europe becomes the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, and global cases now outpace those in China, it has been reported this morning that Monaco's minister of state, Serge Telle, was one of two additional cases reported Covid-19 positive in the Principality today.

Monaco now has nine confirmed coronavirus cases.

The 64-year-old minister, who showed few symptoms, will be confined to his home with medical treatment coordinated by the Princess Grace Hosptial Center. This protocol has been applied to the majority of coronavirus patients in Monaco.

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The government is quick to assure that Telle’s condition is “not cause for concern” and that he will continue working from home, with meetings with other government officials now to be held by video conference.

The minister of state has been active over the past week, and an investigation is underway to identify anyone he may have had contact with, which includes local press.

In France, 900 new cases were reported on Sunday bringing the country’s total to 5,423, counting 211 cases in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region. 127 people have died, including the first victim in the Alpes-Maritimes on Friday, March 13.

Commenting earlier this morning on the jump of 36 deaths and over 900 cases in 24 hours, France’s director general of health Jérôme Salomon said that despite government warnings urging people to stay home, the coronavirus outbreak in the country is “very worrying” and “deteriorating very fast.”

President Macron will address the nation Monday night at 8 p.m. as France braces for a complete 2-week lockdown. Will Monaco follow next?