Monaco Lockdown Extended

Monaco Lockdown Extended

Photo: Nancy Heslin

UPDATE: Monaco now has 90 coronavirus cases after six more people were confirmed Covid-19 positive on Good Friday.

Monaco has just extended the March 17 confinement until May 3. This comes ahead of a similiar announement expected from French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, April 13.

The same rules of confinement apply, limited movement and exercise close to home, and the Monaco government is reminding people ahead of the Easter weekend that travel to visit a family member or friends is not allowed. Ditto for trips to the countryside or on yachts or boats.

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Controls will be reinforced and a drone will monitor the country to ensure that there is no regrouping on the public highway. In addition, a joint Monegasque-French operation will take place at the border to limit incoming and outgoing traffic.

All residents must respect, in all places and in all situations, to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others. Police can fine offenders up to €200.

As of Thursday, Monaco has 84 Covid-19 cases, including 5 recoveries and two deaths.