Monaco Employees Could Benefit From Special Allowance For Self-Quarantine

Monaco minister of social affairs and health, Didier Gamerdinger.

Monaco minister of social affairs and health, Didier Gamerdinger. Photo: DC

On February 26, Monaco’s minister of social affairs and health, Didier Gamerdinger, said the government’s management of the coranvirus will be “dictated by common sense and public health needs.”

His comments at a press conference yesterday afternoon address residents’ concerns as the end of the two-week school vacation period approaches this Sunday, March 1.

From Monday, March 2, all schools and nurseries in Monaco will be open as usual. Students who have spent the holidays in a COVID 19 hotspot (South-East Asia and in Italy, Lombardy around Milan, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna) are asked to stay at home for 14 days from the date of their return to Monaco.

For parents, employed in both the private and public sectors, the government also recommends self-quarantine. If working from home due to exceptional circumstances cannot be negotiated with an employer, the employee can qualify for a daily allowance, similar to sick leave and without a waiting period, paid by the Monegasque social security.

Employees are asked to contact a Monaco public health doctor who will assess each case remotely and supply the necessary medical certificate. During the workweek, Dr Eric Voiglio (+377 98 98 48 50, or Dr Julie Biga (+377 98 98 44 35, For general inquires about the coronavirus, a doctor from the Directorate of Health (+377 98 98 48 50 or 06 78 63 85 68) is available.

Unlike the cities of Nice and Menton, who yesterday cancelled their annual carnivals as part of preventative coronvairus measures, the Monaco government does not recommend calling off any cultural, sporting events or even congresses, but suggests organizers “be attentive to the origin of the participants by inviting people from areas at risk not to travel to the Principality.”