Monaco Construction Comes To Halt, Except Prep Work For Grand Prix

Quai des Etats-Unis Monaco

Photo: Michael Alesi/Direction de la Communication

Monaco residents enduring home confinement during the coronavirus epidemic will at least no longer be subjected to the ongoing construction noise and dust across the country—at least for a few weeks.

In his brief televised address last night, Prince Albert declared a complete lockdown "until furher notice" as the country faces "one of the worst health crises." He also implied that construction sites would be shut down in order to conform to the new sanitation measures.

The government announced today that any private construction site wanting to continue operations will need to prove conformity to the new measures, which include barrier measurements and social distancing. Routine checks will be carried out to ensure that sanitary standards are effectively respected and failure to comply would result in an immediate shut down of the site.

Additonally, the government is suspending all public contracting authority sites, as well as all road and public works.

With one exception: Quai des Etats-Unis. Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, minister of public works, the environment and urban development, explained, “This work must continue until a decision to postpone or cancel the Formula 1 Grand Prix is made.”

The suspension of public sites affects Helios; Jardins d'Apolline, Engelin; NCHPG; Ilot Pasteur; north port dock; Larvotto complex; Honoria; Ida; Testimonio II; Picapeira; Maintaining CHPG level; Entrance to Ville Exotique Garden; and 17 rue Princesse Florestine.

“In all cases, whether the site is under public contracting authority or private, the time required to make them safe will involve a continuation of activity, decreasing, probably until the end of the week,” the minister commented.

Scheduled for May 21-24 this year, the Monaco Grand Prix represents 5% of the country’s annual revenue. The F1 season has been temporarily suspended although, on March 13, the FIA said they "expect'" the 2020 season to begin at the end of May.