Monaco Cloud: The Digital Revolution Is Here

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Rumble Romagnoli   Contributor

Monaco Cloud: The Digital Revolution Is Here

Monaco Cloud, the Monegasque sovereign cloud, will launch this year, facilitating the development of new digital services including the smart city, e-health, e-education and e-government. It will also allow the Principality’s businesses to store their data more safely and cohesively, rightly promoting first-class cyber-security as a matter of national importance.

As the first European country to have its own sovereign cloud, this technology will likely attract more businesses and investors to Monaco. As H.S.H. Prince Albert II recently stated, “No country can turn its back on technology.”.

What is the Monaco Cloud?

The Monaco Cloud is a place where the Monaco government and private businesses within the Principality can store data safely. Based on leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology, the cloud will keep information ultra-secure for the citizens of Monaco, allowing the Principality to encrypt data using its own infrastructure. The shareholders for the cloud are completely Monegasque, with the Monaco Digital programme holding the majority stake as industrial partner and shareholder. The Monaco Cloud is set to launch in 2021, and will become an essential part of the Monegasque digital ecosystem, as part of the government’s wider Extended Monaco programme.

What will the Monaco Cloud mean for businesses & citizens?

Greater digital security

The Monaco Cloud is built on Amazon Web Service’s wealth of experience, and will add an additional level of security to the Principality’s digital space. As we know, storing sensitive data requires complete protection, so the installation will also be monitored by the Monaco Cyber Security Agency to ensure that the system meets the highest standards.

With the digital revolution accelerated by COVID, many businesses have moved online, some without taking full safety precautions around their data. The cloud will provide a safe space for all this information to be hosted.

Monaco is also working to create a digital twin of this cloud hosted in Luxembourg, ensuring that all this data is backed up and avoiding disruption in case of events such as earthquakes or cyberattacks. The data centre which would provide this extraterritorial hosting is highly trusted and stores data for NATO and the European Union.

Lower environmental impact from data storage

Because cloud resources are only mobilised when they are needed, and the necessary IT hosting resources can be pooled, having a cloud uses less energy. So, by using the cloud, everyone can contribute to lowering their environmental footprint. This may also play a part in meeting business’ sustainability targets.

Streamlined digital identity

From this summer, every Monaco citizen will have a digital identity linked to their new identity card or residence permit, allowing for extremely secure yet easy-to-use authentication. This will make any interaction with the government simple, with access to all of the Government’s digital services available through a single website and no need to waste time re-entering information that is already logged on the cloud. Completing any administration in the Principality will become easier - a benefit that will be felt by everyone.


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Rumble Romagnoli   Contributor

Rumble Romagnoli is the founder and president at Relevance, a full-service luxury digital marketing agency specialised in targeting UHNWIs. Rumble has 25+ years of experience working in digital and has helped over 200 businesses – from international companies to start-ups – navigate their marketing approach. He excels in defining online strategies and concepts for exclusive and luxury brands through digital marketing, especially for superyachts, aviation, real estate, luxury travel, hotels, beauty and fashion. In addition, Rumble frequently gives talks at marketing and digital conferences, and is also an adjunct professor of Digital Marketing at the International University of Monaco.