Monaco Chooses UseCrypt Technology As A Future Type Of Communication

Monaco Chooses UseCrypt Technology As A Future Type Of Communication

Jakub Kokoszka, Usecrypt Co-founder at Nasdaq: Trade Talks. Photo: Nasdaq Twitter

The UseCrypt application, which has been recently recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and acquired by the American-Israeli Lazar Vision Fund, is bringing privacy back to the users. Recently it was on trial with Monaco authorities.

UseCrypt has become the most confidential encrypted telecommunication solution on the market, combining existing approaches with their own patented solutions to build a highly secure encrypted telecommunication ecosystem that consists of messenger, e-mail and cloud service.

UseCrypt has created a game-changing mechanism of generating an encryption key by the user on his or her device resulting in by-design elimination of middlemen from each telecommunication exchange.

UseCrypt Messenger detects and prevents unauthorized access to the app to keeps hackers and malware from accessing any user data. With the rising risk of malicious apps and mass surveillance being introduced, UseCrypt ensures that chats and voice calls remains confidential. “UseCrypt achieves data through patented independent encryption and security control feature,” explains Yuval Rabin, a partner in Lazar Vision Fund that took-over UseCrypt technology in early 2019.

UseCrypt Messenger ensures that all the information and data is in full control by its owner. Unlike other solutions, UseCrypt by-design has zero access to any user information on its server. The app that encrypts the application (conversations, chats and call history) on the phone making it impossible remove anything from the app if a user’s phone gets stolen, lost or hacked.

Usecrypt is the only app that checks if your microphone and speaker has been hacked. Each time a user opens Usecrypt Messenger, the app checks if Usecrypt Messenger is the one and only App with access to microphone and speaker at that very point of time. It also checks that users do not have malicious apps on their phone.

The Lazar Vision Fund, specializing in investments in new technologies, became interested in the technology and acquired majority ownership. Now, after numerous tests by Israeli security experts, the application has been included in the group of approved security products by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

According to security experts, public institutions should have multilevel security procedures implemented, not only at the level of computers but also telephones. The transferred personal data, confidential legal and financial information require complete security—cryptographic security—such as UseCrypt, which first and foremost does not allow a user to make or answer a call if the phone has been hacked. It also makes it impossible to download the communication history.

Different groups of interest, including app developers, cybersecurity researchers and activists, such as Ashkan Soltani from Federal Trade Commission or Daniel Gillmor from ACLU, raise fundamental questions about the status of our privacy in the context of constantly sharing data about ourselves. “No other company has yet to propose a product that puts users’ privacy first,” underlines Yuval Rabin of Lazar Vision Fund.

The Israeli market is extremely demanding when it comes to encryption. “The permission to sell UseCrypt in the State of Israel validates the high security of the application”, adds Ishai Abiri, owner of ebusinessDesign, a Distributor of UseCrypt in Israel and a long-term Executive at HP.

UseCrypt Messenger can be downloaded from Google Play and the AppStore.


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