Moda Minx Brings Quality And Style Back To Swimwear


Thomas Herd   Brand Contributor

Moda Minx Brings Quality And Style Back To Swimwear

Known her mind as much as her curves, supermodel Emily Ratajowski once said. “We are more than just our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality.” Her defense of women’s agency over their own bodies brings forth the crux of the feminist movement today; that sexiness and intelligence are not mutually exclusive, and a women’s choice to embrace her body should be empowering.

Enter Moda Minx swimwear: a U.K.-based brand that believes in bringing out a woman’s confidence through its trendy and flattering designs. Founded in 2015, Moda Minx has turned into a worldwide powerhouse in the swimwear industry and is beloved by celebrities and influencers alike. The company has succeeded in part due to its incredible quality-to-price ratio, making its show stopping designs affordable for the average consumer while never skimping on excellence in material and manufacturing. Moda Minx’s commitment to never alienating its clientele has amassed the brand a massive following, cementing its status as that of premium caliber in the swim industry.

Four years after its founding, the Essex-native company expanded by partnering up with online retail titan ASOS to help further its distribution and quickly ascended to the site’s Top Five most in-demand swim lines. The strategic team-up brings Moda Minx’s stylish line to all corners of the world thanks to ASOS’ broad reaching international delivery range, taking the brand’s fanbase to new heights.

In light of its rapid growth and reputation as one of the world’s best swim creators, Moda Minx recently broadened its horizons out from the beach and into the bedroom, debuting a series of lounge and sleepwear that bring the brand’s unique sexiness into its plethora of fans’ homes. Moda Minx likewise plans on expanding its offerings into petite, tall and curve ranges, so that every woman can experience the supreme confidence and sexiness that comes from wearing its world-class designs.

By concentrating on building its clients’ confidence through offering trendy and quality creations, every woman to feel sexy in Moda Minx, allowing the latest jolt of self-empowerment to arrive at your door in the form of a fresh bikini, all in just the click of a button.


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