Meet Martin Spencer: The Celebrity Stylist Making His Mark


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Meet Martin Spencer: The Celebrity Stylist Making His Mark

The Hollywood red carpet is a highly anticipated event; stars worldwide show up to promote their latest project and put on a good show for the media everywhere. However, it goes beyond the dresses; many events and efforts have gone back-stage for the show's success. It is a known fact that stylists are an important part of this experience, handling everything from dressing the stars for the day to styling their hair and makeup; these professionals play an integral role in what we see on T.V. or read about in magazines. Notable among them is Martin Spencer, a celebrity stylist who has styled some of Hollywood's biggest stars in recent years.

Known for his talent, vision, and interesting history, Martin Spencer is a name fast gaining notoriety in the celebrity styling world. After years of learning the ropes and working his way up the styling ladder, he's finally making a name for himself and his unique styling approach. The awarded project stylist is also the founder and CEO of House of Spencer, a one-stop-shop for a range of fashion and stylist services tailored individually for clients. As an entrepreneur, Martin has won multiple awards, including a nomination for the top 40 under 40. His work has featured in multi-million productions on reputable platforms such as Disney, Netflix, Prime Video, 20th Century Fox, ABC, NBC, and Hallmark Channel, among others.

Martin’s passion for fashion and entertainment started at an early age. Martin was born and raised in a family with a rich heritage in the fashion industry; it was only natural for Martin to gravitate toward the same. Growing up, Martin learned about his grandfather's experiences providing silks and expertise for the British royal family on important occasions, such as the queen's coronation and wedding. The more Martin learned about his grandfather's business pursuits and relationship with some leading fashion houses and retailers, the more his interest grew.

In college, Martin studied mathematics, business, and finance before starting a short-lived career in the finance industry. During that period, he also worked for Ralph Lauren Retail, which further fueled his love for fashion and helped build a network of industry contacts and private clients. After leaving the financial sector, Martin took up modeling and started a luxury goods importing business. Given his passion and interest in the fashion industry, he took a leap, and this time around, he concentrated on growing his career in that field.

As years went by, Martin had opportunities to explore many sectors of the fashion and styling world. Some of his accomplishments include work in film and television, personal styling, and coaching. Martin remains committed and unwavering in his resolve to keep innovating and staying ahead of the curve in his field and continues to hone his skill set and craft. Given this resolve, he recently bagged an honours degree from the London College of Style and continues advancing his studies at the UAL London College of Fashion.

Martin, being an adventurous type and an avid world explorer and traveler, he's learned to multi-task and manage his work schedule as he shuffles between Canada, the U.S., and the U.K., working full time for his many clients. He works in multiple media spaces like television, commercials, film, and personal styling. Martin's vision is to expand his brand, work on more international projects, and create unique art and film. He remains committed to constant improvement, holistic development, and innovation in his craft. His goal is to continue his family's legacy and remain a leader in innovative fashion solutions.


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