Meet Ali Meshksar And Kevin Kamali: The Founders Of EA Home Design Are Looking To Disrupt A Billion Dollar Industry


Karishhma Mago   Brand Contributor

Meet Ali Meshksar And Kevin Kamali: The Founders Of EA Home Design Are Looking To Disrupt A Billion Dollar Industry

2020, if nothing else, was certainly a year of change and transformation. Covid-19 forced businesses and individuals to take a second look at how they did things. As the world adapted to the rise of Zoom, conference calls, and working from remote locations, some businesses rose to the occasion, while others fell. For some businesses, it made sense. Online stores like Amazon, Shopify, and others saw great increase in sales, while more foot traffic-based businesses were immediately affected by global lockdowns and restrictions. It was a time that forced businesses to improve or build an online presence in order to survive. EA Home Design, a remodeling company founded by entrepreneurs Kevin Kamali and Ali Meshksar, saw this as the perfect opportunity to not only survive, but to thrive. Over the last year, Kevin and Ali have accomplished record sales and growth by focusing on social media. Growing their followers from a few thousand to almost 200,000 followers has turned their traditionally brick and mortar business into a multimillion digital-based company. While this growth has been amazing, Kevin and Ali remain focused on their passion of designing and remodeling unique, modern homes.

Early Beginnings

Based in Northern Virginia, Ali Meshksar opened his remodeling business in 2009. He was successful and made a good living, but still had a lot of room to grow his footprint. In 2016, he was joined by a new business partner, Kevin Kamali. Together, they started to expand. Between the two of them, EA Home Design offers its customers over twenty years of experience with remodeling and home decor expertise. Their customers certainly could attest to the quality of their work. For several years, they took on more projects and began to grow a strong customer base. Licensed to work on both commercial and residential projects, they never had to worry about finding work in the bustling metropolitan of Northern Virginia. The problem that they found was the inability to gain the publicity that mainstream companies have in their industry. Although, they were making a name for themselves with their modern and quality designs, they found that they had to work much harder than their mainstream counterparts to grow their business. They believed their work was equal if not better, but had no way of communicating that at scale. They decided they needed to do things differently.

Making Adjustments:

A few years into their partnership, Kevin and Ali decided to use social media as an avenue to reach more customers. They posted pictures and ran some ads, but didn’t put their whole focus into building it. That is until their storefront was locked down due to Covid-19. Just like everyone else, they were forced to find new ways to attract business. For the first four months, they didn’t really make a change and business began to slow down. After sitting down and brainstorming ideas, they decided to devote their time to growing their social media presence. They shifted to creating content for their social media accounts for the next six months. They posted videos of current projects, before/after photos, and what they thought was the most important - informational videos. They believe that their customers are more ready to make decisions and do business when they feel educated. Their strategy worked. Within a few months, they were constantly swamped with calls and emails - the majority of which came from people that saw the business on Instagram or YouTube. Growing their audience from 5,000 followers to almost 200,000, they have a fanbase that consistently turns into satisfied customers. Now, rather than focusing on going back to their physical store as their primary location, they view social media as their main storefront. The ability to showcase their work, display their passion and connect with customers at scale is invaluable to them. This strategy has allowed them to land larger projects and build their business into a multi-million dollar company.

Future Ventures:

Known for their modern and unique designs, EA Home Design is always looking to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Not content to settle, Ali and Kevin are already planning their next few steps. Having established themselves as a premier remodeling agency, they are now looking to build more. First, they would like to build more homes. Their modern designs and quality work have earned them a lot of recognition in the remodeling world, now they would like to start building homes with their amazing designs as well. They have already started a few projects, but believe that they can grow this even further. The second project they would like to build is business education. As their brand continues to grow and they gain more exposure, they would like to share how they have accomplished their goals. With twenty years of experience, they certainly would have a lot of information to share. Whether sharing designs and remodeling tips, marketing and social media tips, they want to share with others how to build a successful home remodeling business. Look for them to start sharing more industry tips and to launch a course in the near future.


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