Making A Positive Impact In the World, Chance Welton, Shares His Modern Millionaires Story


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Making A Positive Impact In the World, Chance Welton, Shares His Modern Millionaires Story

An entrepreneur is not just a dreamer but also a planner and action-taker in every sense. He turns his idea into a reality, slogging day and night. This is why self-made entrepreneurs are truly an inspiration and even role models to aspiring business owners globally. Chance Welton, the owner, CEO of Beachwood Marketing, and Co-founder of Modern Millionaires is proof that hard work and determination never betray. Chance attributes his success to all his life's hardships as a self-made millionaire. Now he wants to help others follow in his footsteps with Modern Millionaires, a full-fledged digital business program for aspiring entrepreneurs across diverse industries. 

Growing up in a low-income family in Idaho, Chance Welton, from a young age, understood the toils and pains of his family's financial hardship. Yet, regardless of life's several challenges, Chance only grew through it all to become stronger and more determined to achieve his dreams. Growing up, Chance became committed to providing an elevated lifestyle for himself and his family, a lifestyle they only dreamed of. As a result, he single-handedly started and scaled up Beachwood Marketing, a 7-figure online platform where he currently sits as the CEO. In addition, Chance co-founded "Modern Millionaires," a business educational platform that has empowered hundreds of students on how to build a digital business from scratch. 

As a self-made millionaire, Chance understands the pain of novel entrepreneurs and the realities they grapple with in their daily activities. In his early years as an entrepreneur, Chance struggled to find clients as no one trusted him with their brands, given his lack of experience in the field. In no time, Chance overcame the challenge by offering services at discounts or even free to build a portfolio of clients. However, as he managed to figure out the algorithms of the browser to help brands scale up, Chance became complacent with his progress and stopped working on honing his skills. Given the fast-paced nature of the internet, online businesses soon altered their algorithms; thus, system Chance ran out of business and had to figure out different ways to serve his clients quickly. 

With the advent of Modern Millionaires, Chance wants to prevent budding entrepreneurs from making avoidable mistakes. Chance offers a proven method to scale up online businesses, generating an impressive 5-figure return every month. In addition, he leverages his years of knowledge and experience in the business industry to guide new entrepreneurs in building successful online brands to break free from the 9 to 5 cycle and live their dreams. 

Chance has received the 50,000,000 ClickFunnels Award, and his YouTube channel won the title of the "most profitable channel in 2020." The seasoned entrepreneur has been featured in renowned publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur for his innovative mindset, determination, and ability to improvise with little or no resources. Chance believes his approach towards life and business has helped him become a natural problem solver in any situation. He has mastered the tact of staying centered, putting the critical pieces first, and always waking up before sunrise to make the day more productive. 

Seeing budding entrepreneurs adopting his mindset towards business and transforming their financial situation has been the biggest achievement for Chance so far. Next, he wants to reach more men and women from low and middle-income families and walk them through 4 successful online platforms to help them stand on their feet. In the next 5 years, Chance Welton hopes to see Modern Millionaires become a billion-dollar brand and the world's largest educational impact company.

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