Learn How Jon Boles Is Becoming One Of The Top Brand Builders


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Learn How Jon Boles Is Becoming One Of The Top Brand Builders

Jon Boles is the founder and CEO of AVINTIV– a Phoenix, Arizona-based branding & digital marketing agency. Seen as one of the top boutique agencies in the U.S., AVINTIV has had the privilege of working with brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Fit Body Boot Camp, and countless others. A born brand builder with a priceless network, Boles has built 12 of his own brands, sold two, and has consulted on hundreds more. Boles built AVINTIV out of pure necessity when he couldn’t find another agency that could deliver the care and quality he had hoped for. Six years later, his agency is now leading a number of different industries going head to head with industry giants for his clients. Knowing that Boles has been trying to corner the market for building and growing brands, we sat down with him to learn more.

Branding and Positioning is Everything in a Fast Growing Marketplace

Building and growing brands are much different now more than ever. The past two years woke the world up, but it also woke consumers up. People are expecting to purchase from brands that are tailored towards them and deliver them an unparalleled experience. You need to adapt and pivot your brand correctly if you want long-term success. Furthermore, Jon went on to say, “Brands need to think much deeper on a psychological perspective and get to know their ideal consumers on a deeper level. Your brand needs to be consistent on all levels to deliver the ideal buyer journey experience for your ideal customers. If one thing seems off, they’re gone and now shopping with the competition. Having your brand positioned correctly for your ideal customers is the single most important first step into building a successful brand. A number of our clients are going head to head with billion dollar brands or publicly traded companies which puts that much more pressure on our agency to perform in such competitive markets.

How AVINTIV Helps Build and Grow So Many Successful Brands

AVINTIV credits its success to its internal processes and the ability its team has at seeing, what they call, “the matrix.” The AVINTIV WAY is a proprietary 5-step process that marries consulting, branding, and marketing to allows them to successfully build, launch, and grow any type of brand in any type of industry, no matter the size. Stemming from a 12-year consulting background, Boles makes sure that every employee at AVINTIV understands the inside and outs of businesses and industries. Everyone on the team not only knows how to build and scale a brand, they know the unit economics and what makes different brands in different industries successful. This is why so many successful brands are making the shift to AVINTIV and not looking back.

The Future of AVINTIV

It's safe to say that Jon and his organization are on track to continue to grow and provide solutions with their proprietary capabilities to the many enterprises struggling to keep up with the fast-growing digital landscape.  As a successful entrepreneur, Jon not only operates AVINTIV but also is the Founder & CEO of CREDI (Credit card processing) and Boles Capital (Business funding). Boles has created a one-stop shop for building, growing, and funding brands and is cornering the market.

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