Lauren Grabois Fischers’ ‘The Be Books’ Turns Party Favors Into Lifelong Treasures


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Lauren Grabois Fischers’ ‘The Be Books’ Turns Party Favors Into Lifelong Treasures

For many parents, hosting a big birthday bash for their kids and providing them with celebratory memories they can share with friends and classmates for years to come is an integral part of the childhood experience. But as an eco-friendly ethos has widely seeped into modern parenting, finding a proper stand-in for the traditional and wasteful plastic trinket party favors has been notoriously difficult. Enter independent children’s book publishing house The Be Books, created by former schoolteacher Lauren Grabois Fischer, which now offers parents a fresh new take on party favors, giving birthday party guests a gift to take home themselves that they can learn from and cherish forever.

Well-known for its implementation of social emotional learning concepts and encouragement of positive interactions throughout its pages, The Be Books presents itself as the ideal party favor. Ready to be added to a child’s library at home and shared during storytime amongst the family, The Be Books stands in stark contrast to conventional plastic party items that usually wind up in the trash and clogging landfills. For her part, Grabois Fischer wraps and personalizes entries from the collection for each and every guest with a color-coordinated pencil and bookmark to match, taking yet another party-planning stress off of parents’ shoulders.

With eight volumes in the collection to choose from, The Be Books has something to offer for every kind of birthday party out there. For hero-themed events, Grabois Fischer’s You Are A Superhero is the perfect fit, teaching topics from responsibility to respect, while animal lovers will find The Zoo’s Big News and Every So Often a Zebra Has Spots, and little girls and boys respectively enjoying The Light Within Me and Be Who You Were Meant to Be. No matter which book is selected, including LIFE, The ABC’s to a Mindful Life and Love Grows Love, kids will have the chance to learn new perspectives that will help them grow to become a better person, allowing parents to give their children's party guests a gift of their own in return.

Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books has already amplified events across all corners of the United States, upgrading parties in Arizona, Florida, New York, California and more with The Be Books’ ultra-personalized party favor experience.


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